D.C. Happenings: Cherry Blow Dry Bar

In an age where women receive a blow out as often as a manicure it’s important to have a local blow dry salon you can trust and build a relationship with.  Cherry Blow Dry Bar is located right in Clarendon & the vibe when you walk in is, in my opinion, New York chic.  From the super cute chandeliers to the warehouse type flooring, the experience is perfect for the fun professional women in our area.

I had been driving past Cherry Blow Dry Bar for a while and I decided it be would be perfect place to have my, and my bestie, Heather’s, hair done for the Washington Humane Society’s Fashion for Paws event.  I love love love the Washington Humane Society, and I’ve been to their annual Fashion for Paws event many times, so, of course, I needed a great place to have my hair done before.  I was excited to try Cherry Blow Dry Bar for the first time, and they certainly did not disappoint!

As soon as you enter you’re warmly welcomed and promptly asked if you’d like a glass of champagne.  How could you not love that?!  Also, they were playing the best music, a little bit of everything which I love.

Lindsey, my stylist, has been doing hair for about 7 years, but has only been working at Cherry since the beginning of this year.  She was kind enough to answer some of my questions about Cherry Blow Dry Bar!

We all know there are other blow dry bars popping up, especially in the DMV area, when I asked Lindsey what set Cherry apart from their competitors she mentioned how valuable the customer service experience is, which I totally agree with.  She also focused on the consistency between all of the Cherry locations and explained how the stylists training for Cherry is unique.  There’s also another Cherry in the area, in Mosaic District, so it’s nice to know that everything across all of the Cherry Blow Dry Bars are done in the exact same way.

Also, Cherry Blow Dry Bar membership options are available for frequent customers, and they are super affordable.  A month-to-month membership is $60 and that includes 2 monthly blowouts, 10% off products, and discounts on other salon services.  The Frequent-Dryer unlimited monthly memberships runs $149, which, aren’t really that bad of a price if you have a lot of D.C. events to attend!

I loved my hair for the event, the curls were great, and the style lasted all night, and well into the next day!  I also have to comment on the fact that Lindsey was able to wash, dry, and style my hair in such a reasonable time frame- I have thick & long hair, and my other blow dry experiences have taken quite a long time.  My experience at Cherry was just enough where I was able to relax and enjoy myself, but not too long where I felt a time constraint with getting ready for the event.

Next time you’re looking for a high quality and affordable blow out, pay a visit to Cherry Blow Dry Bar, rest assured you will be treated well & love your blow out!

[Disclaimer: I received a complimentary service for this post.  All opinions are my own.]

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D.C. Happenings: BroadBand Light Therapy at NOVA Plastic Surgery

Last month I wrote a review on the fantastic Hydrafacial I received at NOVA Plastic Surgery’s Ashburn location.  My Hydrafacial review was the first in a three part series of treatments provided by NOVA Plastic Surgery, and I am so exited to bring you the second one today…BroadBand Light Therapy.
I had never heard of BroadBand Light Therapy, or BBL, before having it offered to me by NOVA Plastic Surgery.  I read up on it a little, but I was looking forward to having it explained to me by the physician assistant performing the treatment.  As soon as I walked in Wednesday afternoon I was warmly greeted and excitedly awaited to be called back to begin.
Michele Gittings, a nationally board certified PA welcomed me back and began explaining exactly what BBL was all about.  BBL can help remedy a variety of skin issues, but my personal two concerns are hyper pigmentation caused by sun damage and redness from my rosacea.  The name BroadBand Light Therapy can be a bit on the deceiving side, since the treatment feels like a laser.  However, it’s not a laser, it’s an intense pulsed light provided by a little machine called SCITON BBL, pictured below.
So, what happens with this intense pulsed light?  First, Michele supplied me with goggles to protect my eyes & applied what felt like a good amount of ultrasound jelly all over my face.  Next, she went over my entire face twice zapping away everything that leads to uneven skin tone.

The first round she used a brown filter to target hyperpigmentation and the second time she went over my face with a red filter to target redness.  The various filters allow the light to find what it needs to tackle, and the pain was minimal.  Essentially, it felt like little tiny zaps that burned ever so slightly.  I was given a nice little cooling air tube that I could position toward my face for relief.  After about 15- 20 minutes I was done, no pain, just redness that went away by the next morning!
Inside the treatment room.
I wish I could say just one BBL treatment is enough, but of course, you need to go through with the treatment a few times to achieve maximum results, and this is a pricey one…although totally worth it!  Each treatment costs $400 individually, but NOVA Plastic Surgery offers a package of three for $950, which, when you do the math, is actually an awesome deal.  After seeing a few pictures of patient results, this treatment really is incredible if you can afford the upkeep.  Also, not only is the $950 price tag not bad considering the service being provided, but when you prepay you get an extra 10% off, which would bring your total down to $855.

I would certainly go ahead with the BBL Treatment again, although I do feel like the treatment is targeted toward women slightly older than me.  However, in all honesty, if I start broadband light therapy with my skin now, I know I’ll have less maintenance issues as I grow older…which is exactly what I’m going for!!

[Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are my own.]

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D.C. Happenings: My HydraFacial Experience at NOVA Plastic Surgery

Okay so let me start by saying this unique experience isn’t exactly a “DC” Happening…it’s an Ashburn, Virginia happening…but, I digress.  NOVA Plastic Surgery, located about 40-45 minutes outside of D.C., invited me in to try the new HydraFacial MD experience.  An innovative facial designed to give quick results.  NOVA just received this technology a couple of months ago, not many other medical spas have it, and it’s already quite popular.
I’d never heard of the HydraFacial MD before, but the Physician Assistant who performed my facial, Sherri Anderson, told me Matthew McConaughey has one of the machines in his home so…it must be good!
If you’re interested in enhancing your skin health, or if you struggle with oily skin, fine lines, enlarged pores, texture issues, or hyper pigmentation, just to name a few, the HydraFacial MD might be the perfect choice for you.

When I walked into NOVA Plastic Surgery one afternoon after a long day of lesson planning I was warmly greeted by Jenn, who had been so helpful with scheduling, and rescheduling, my appointment- NOVA Plastic Surgery’s customer service was great from the start.  Sherri greeted me and brought me back into the treatment room, and began explaining how the HydraFacial works.  I quickly removed my makeup from the day using a gently cleanser before settling down into the chair, ready to get the 20 minute treatment started. 
The HydraFacial MD is a four step treatment & each step is performed using the Vortex-Fusion device, which can best be described as a small vacuum for your face.  Literally, it felt like a vacuum going back and forth all over my face, but in a great way.  
First, skin is cleansed using Active-4 Serum and then exfoliated with a glycolic acid peel.  After looking at my skin Sherri determined I could handle the 15% glycolic acid.  There’s also a 7.5% and 30% option that could be chosen, depending on how sensitive your skin is.  I have rosacea, and even though it isn’t that bad, the 15% option is what she determined would work best for me.
After the peel step the Vortex-Fusion, as seen above, extracts with the help of salicylic acids breaking down all the yuck in your face.  & if you’re wondering how I know all of this stuff, it’s because Sherri did an excellent job at explaining each step of the procedure as she performed it.  Lastly, your refreshed skin needs to be properly hydrated with the Antiox serum and then adequately sunscreened before heading out the door.

The HydraFacial MD treatment took about 20 minutes and while I did leave NOVA pretty red, it didn’t last more than an hour or so.  Sherri told me people come in on their lunch break for the facial, and while it’s not ideal, if you must you can apply makeup right after if needed- which is good to know for the future.  Honestly, every aspect of the HydraFacial MD is better than either a typical peel I’ve had done or a standard facial.  Yes, it’s quick and not as spa-like, but ultimately my end goal is fantastic skin, which is what the HydraFacial delivers.
For more information on NOVA Plastic Surgery and the HydraFacial MD visit their website here & enter your email address for a chance to win a free HydraFacial MD!  Be sure to head over to their Facebook and Twitter too!
[Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are my own.]

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D.C. Happenings: SER Restaurant Week Lunch

The DMV has been pretty snowed in since the weekend, no school Monday & Tuesday meant I could get out and enjoy a nice Restaurant Week lunch!  Restaurant Week in the D.C. area means a 3-course lunch ($22) or dinner ($35) at participating restaurants.  I’ve had my eye on Spanish eatery SER in Arlington, Ballston to be exact, so I figured it would be the perfect spot to sit, get some lunch, and get some work done on report cards.

SER stands for simple, easy, and real, & it’s a Spanish tavern, not a tapas restaurant.  I love the relaxed & modern vibe of SER, mixed with their non-stuffy seriousness of the menu, offering “a gastronomical journey and cultural adventure”.  Did that description even make sense?  In my mind it did…& either way, it’s a compliment for sure.
Seeing that most people decided to stay off the roads, which were pretty clear honestly, it was just me and a few others in SER for lunch.  I took a seat at the bar, pulled out my laptop, and ordered a white sangria.  It was delish, & how cute is that little bottle?!
For my appetizer I ordered the Crema de purrusalda con picatostes, which was a leek & potato creamed soup with croutons.  I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be served at the temperature of a soup, it was more warm than hot.  Regardless, it was smooth, had balanced flavors, and the croutons were great.
For my second course I ordered the Buey con papas “arrugas”,  a grilled hanger steak with Canarian potatoes and spicy pepper sauce.  Oh mah gawd, this was amazing- not to mention it was the perfect sized portion.  The spicy pepper sauce was so yum with a bold flavor that added greatness to the already tender and flavorful steak.  The added tomatoes and onions on top sealed the deal with a fresh flavor.
Lastly, for dessert I chose the Tarta de queso fresco, which is a Spanish cheesecake, and it was served with a berry compote.  I don’t think I’ve ever had Spanish cheesecake before, it was an interesting texture, the berry compote and cinnamon on the edges was a great compliment to its flavors.

If you’re looking for a place to try this Restaurant Week, definitely head over to SER in Ballston.  The vibe is perfect for young professionals and the food was outstanding.  So glad I stopped by!
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D.C. Happenings: Bistro du Soleli

I was lucky enough to be invited to #DcTravelBlogger dinner, hosted by Jessica van Dop DeJesus of The Dining Traveler, at Bistro du Soleli in Alexandria last week.  Guests dined on a 7-course culinary tour through Morocco, guided by Bisto du Soleli’s Chef Samir Labriny.  Each dish on the menu heightened taste buds with bold flavor and rich culture.
Our welcome cocktail, created by the Chef, was called a Moroccan Orange.  The color was amazing, I should’ve written down what liquor was in it, I could certainly taste vodka though, which is my absolute favorite.  Our first course were assorted Moroccan salads consisting of eggplant, carrot, cucumber, tomato, and green pepper salad combinations.  It was the perfect starter, light and refreshing.
The next course came with a cooking demonstration by Chef Labriny himself: bastilla.  I honestly did not know what this was before he started explaining, a phyllo dough stuffed with eggs, almonds, parsley, and chicken….topped with cinnamon and powered sugar.  The ultimate mixture of sweet and savory, the flavors worked so well together, it was an incredible dish.
Next up was chicken with lemon and olives, the chicken was so full of flavor and tender- not to mention the combination of lemon and olives is one of my favorite.  & after that we were treated to an incredible lamb dish with honey and almonds.  I can’t even begin to tell you how great this dish was, it was by far my favorite of the evening.

The main courses ended with couscous with seven vegetables.  I wish I had had room for more, it was so delicious.  I was so grateful for the to-go boxes Chef Labriny gave at the end, I ate my couscous for lunch today & it was to die for.
For dessert we indulged in baklava and finished off the evening sipping mint tea.  Ever since I visited Greece a while back, I have been obsessed with baklava, the pastry was so flakey, it was heaven.
I’d like to thank Jessica and Chef Labriny for hosting such an unique dining experience.  I’m happy I was able to try out a restaurant I’d never been to before in Alexandria, & I know I’ll definitely be returning sometime soon!

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D.C. Happenings: Summer Girls’ Night Out at the nailsaloon

Last night I had the pleasure of attending an event hosted by one of my favorite blogs of all time, Bitches Who Brunch.  Summer Girls’ Night Out, an evening of posh pedicures and manicures, featuring wine and pizza from &pizza, took place at the nailsaloon on 14th street.
As I picked up my bestie Sabah the storm clouds were beyond mean looking, but the soaking wet run into the salon was worth it, nailsaloon is by far the most adorable looking nail salon I’ve ever been in.  When we arrived we were greeted so warmly by Cori Sue of Bitches Who Brunch, and treated to some vino & pizza while we waited for our pedis.
The big draw to the nailsaloon, aside from its chic interior, is the fact that it’s a non-toxic salon.  The only polish brands available are Zoya, RGB, and Priti NYC, because they’re 5-free polishes, which means no toxic ingredients.  I chose a RGB polish, in Pansy…such a gorgeous pink!
While I do have nails that require more toxic attention so to speak, I could see myself going to the nailsaloon for pedicures often.  nailsaloon uses new tools per customer, which I love.  The pedicure also includes a scrub, which is super important to me, followed by both lotion and oil.  The massage was so relaxing, overall the experience was great.
The gift bag was super cute too!  Guests received a water bottle with the nailsaloon logo, Kendra Scott earrings, stickers from &pizza, and a Washington D.C. “Passport” good for 2-for-1 drinks at various bars in the city.
Summer Girls’ Night Out was a fabulous kick off to the summer season, and the nailsaloon was the absolute best location for it!
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D.C. Happenings: Bubbles Salon Pentagon Row Grand Opening

[Disclaimer: Compensation by Bubbles Salon is being received for this promotion.]

This Friday stop by the new Bubbles Salon at Pentagon Row and celebrate their grand opening!

From 5-9pm Bubbles will be partying with a DJ, food & drinks, prizes & giveaways, and free, yes FREE, blowouts!

RSVP for the event here

My girls and I will be there celebrating, and getting glam before a birthday dinner. I cannot wait to see what Bubbles has in store for us! XO. 

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Milan Fashion Week Fall 2014: Blumarine, Bottega Veneta, Emilio Pucci, Gucci, Fendi

AH, life has been getting in the way of me checking out all the Milan Fashion Week shows.  BUT, thankfully the weekend is here and I have some extra time to catch up on what I’ve missed this week!
So, here we go, my Milan favorites!

Bottega Veneta

Emilio Pucci



All images from The Cut.

Discovering D.C. Interview

I was recently interviewed by Laura of Political Style for her series Discovering D.C., which features local bloggers in the area!
Political Style is a great blog which features fashion but Laura also keeps her readers updated on political news, it’s a perfect mix of content, especially for our area of Washington D.C.!!
In this interview, I share my favorite places in D.C. & my perfect Saturday afternoon plans! xo

Check out my interview, here!

D.C. Happenings: Help My Puppy Win the Cover of NOVADog Magazine!!

Hi everyone!

Two things…

1. I started my spring/ summer giveaway yesterday, so follow this link to enter!
I’m giving away the Benefit Cheeky Tint Set & Julep Neon Nail Dips!

Clink on this link, and vote for Leonardo!  He’s a superstar, and right now I’m being a stage mom…so…please help us out! =]