D.C. Happenings: A Visit with Pennsylvania 6

I had the pleasure of touring D.C.’s Pennsylvania 6 Restaurant this week for D.C. BarScene.  As you may know, I posted a couple of weeks ago about a new venture I’m working on…@dc_barscene!  You can check out the full post here, but basically I’ve created an Instagram that will focus on the District’s best cocktails & wine.

I’ve been having so much fun reaching out to bars & restaurants in D.C. to feature them on my page.  I’m learning so much about the bar scene in the Capital and I’m super excited to feature Pennsylvania 6 both on D.C. BarScene and Love. Life. Beauty. today!!

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D.C. Happenings: Fare Well on H St.

Before the start of the new year I had this grand idea in my head of attempting to go vegan.  It ended up not working out so well, but the good news s, I have been making healthier eating choices.  D.C. is def a health conscious city, and there are yummy vegan restaurants popping up left & right.  My personal favorite has been Fare Well, a cute little bar/ restaurant/ bakery on the H St. corridor.

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D.C. Happenings: Follow DC_BarScene

Happy Friday!  I cannot wait to celebrate the day of my people tomorrow at my friend’s house.  I know I’ll be enjoying plenty of green mimosas…because…who doesn’t want to be festive?!

Speaking of libations…last month I started a new side venture, an Insta dedicated to all things D.C. BarScene related.  Hence, the handle, DC_BarScene.

District Winery

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D.C. Happenings: MetroCooking D.C. 2017

Happy Friyay!
D.C. is bustling this time of year with holiday events and pop-ups everywhere you look.  One event I make sure to attend every year, since college actually, is MetroCooking D.C., aka the Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Show.  This year the convention will take place on both Saturday, December 9 and Sunday, December 10- each day has its own unique offerings along with hundreds of food, drink, and exhibitors.  With a tagline like Shop. Sip. Sample. you know it has to be good.  Shopping, sipping, and sampling are three of my favorite hobbies!

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Sunday Things: Photo Share

Does anyone else have this feeling…or is it only me?????
I’m pretty sure it’s not only me.
Anyway, I haven’t posted in a while, life is totally in the way.  Also, I’ve been so in love with the products I’ve been using for a while now, and I haven’t really switched anything up…which is so unlike me…and doesn’t really give me anything to write about!!  Ugh.
I’m usually the ultimate time manager, and as far as teaching goes I still am, but I’ve realized that for the past month I’ve totally gotten off track in every other aspect of my life.  So, my big focus this weekend has been to rebalance myself, get some great posts written, and get back to being on my #girlboss grind.
This past month has been so busy and fun, so here’s a sneak peek of everything I’ve been doing lately.
I decided to take myself out to lunch before an appointment one Friday, I’d been wanting to try Barley Mac in Arlington for a while, so I hopped in and sat at the bar with my book.  I wanted to try a few things, and I knew a pizza would be perfect to take home as leftovers, so I started with the Caesar salad, and then had one of their popular pizzas…the Fresh Fig Prosciutto & Goat Cheese, sans figs because I’m not really a fig gal.  Everything was so delicious!!  I especially loved the cucumber margarita, it was so beautiful and tasted delicious on a Fri-yay afternoon.  If you’re in the Arlington, VA area for a day of shopping…or doctor appointments…stop by Barley Mac for lunch!

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D.C. Happenings: Green Pig Bistro in Clarendon, VA

I planned a day all to myself during my school’s spring break this year- I booked a massage, walked through Clarendon’s Market Common to do some shopping, and then found myself starving…of course.  I’ve been wanting to visit Green Pig Bistro for, literally, the past 5 years, so I figured why not take myself out to lunch?!
The decor of Green Pig Bistro is fresh, clean cut, and sustainable.  I love the reclaimed wood throughout the restaurant, and the set up of the bar is sleek and clean.

It was a quiet afternoon when I popped in, so I took a seat at the bar, and asked the bartender pick their best drink for me.  He mentioned how incredible the Green Pig’s Moscow Mule is because of their homemade ginger- beer.  I ordered it, and the prettiest Mule came a few minutes later, in a highball glass, much different than how your average Moscow Mule is served.  I really enjoyed seeing the color of the drink, it was a great reminder that summer is right around the corner!

The ginger beer was amazing, it was strong, but had such a great crisp taste. The bartender explained how they use a fair amount of peppercorns and cinnamon sticks to get that strong spice taste- I wish I had one right now it was so refreshing and delicious!

I wanted to start with an appetizer, so I opted for the Onion Soup with Emmental cheese and croutons.  Had I been with a group of friends, I probably would’ve opted for the “buffalo” ribs.  I was told it’s their most popular appetizer, but I knew that would be way too much food.  So, I stuck with the soup…which was so incredibly yummy.  The onion soup was super cheesy and hearty, and not too salty, which is really easy to do with onion soup.  It was a big serving, so I took about half home for my boyfriend, he absolutely loved it too!

For my main course the bartender suggested the Black Angus Cheeseburger with GPB sauce and fries.  The GPB sauce is the chef’s version of a Thousand Island dressing, & it was perfect for the burger.  One interesting aspect of their burger I loved is that they add ground bacon into the burger meat, doesn’t that sound like a dream come true?!  The burger was so flavorful, and the homemade bun added another unique element to a classic lunch.  My server also brought out some of their homemade spicy mayo for the fries, & just like the rest of the meal, it was delicious!

The Green Pig Bistro is the perfect spot in Clarendon to get a relaxing lunch, it was everything I had expected and more.  The food, atmosphere, and attentive service were all great, and I can’t wait to return to check out their brunch options!

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D.C. Happenings: Waxing the City in Del Ray, Alexandria

Waxing…the age old, it hurts, but I have to do it, beauty routine.  This is about to sound unreal but, I actually had a waxing experience over at the brand new Waxing the City in the super cute Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria.  I can honestly say I’ve never had an experience while getting my brows waxed…until I visited Waxing the City!
First of all, if you haven’t ventured out to Del Ray, Alexandria, I highly advise it.  Go with some girlfriends for a wax, followed by happy hour somewhere on Mount Vernon Ave.  This area of Alexandria is so cute with a few great restaurants and coffee shops…the location for this new Waxing the City is perfect.

If you live in the D.C. area, and haven’t heard of Waxing the City, it’s because this is the closest location to the city, aside from the store located out in Ashburn, VA.  The overall vibe of Waxing the City is so much more than simply a wax salon.  There’s only one big competitor for them, and while I won’t mention them by name, I have to say I’ve visited the waxing competitor quite a few times in the past.  Here’s what’s different about Waxing the City…
The orange and grey decor is warm, comfortable, and inviting- it was honestly unexpected, but in a great way!  The waxing room was clean, there was plenty of space to put my things down, the table was comfortable, and all of the waxing materials are neatly laid out.
Laura, the owner of this Waxing the City, gave me a quick, but informational, brow consultation before getting started.  Waxing the City uses their own custom hard wax, and let me tell you, it did not hurt or feel any type of uncomfortable, AT ALL.  They also have a soft wax for more stubborn hair removal. 
The whole process of Laura crafting my brows to perfection was truly an experience versus a check off my beauty to do list.  I’ve never had a waxing experience before, and I have to tell you, I really enjoyed it!  As I said, the wax didn’t feel uncomfortable at all for me, so I was able to just relax while she worked on my brows.  Sounds so different than the waxing norm, right?!  I have to be honest, the process was a little longer than your average brow wax, but it was so worth it after a long day at work.  I didn’t feel rushed, and I really enjoyed my conversation with Laura. 
When I was done, I was amazed by how great my brows looked, and I headed out to the front desk to look at their retail items for sale.  From pre-wax treatments to bath bombs and sugar scrubs the manager, Olivia, did an incredible job at giving highlights to each product.  I’m looking forward to going back and picking a few up in the near future.
Right now the Del Ray location of Waxing the City is accepting bookings for services & the best part is that you can book online, here!  They also have great packages like Buy 9, Get 3 Free for their various waxing services.  I can’t wait to head back to Waxing the City, I truly value the experience I had- which still seems so odd since it was just a waxing, but really, that’s how great it was!
PS: Receive 50% off your first visit!! 
[Disclaimer: Waxing in the City invited me in to experience complimentary services.  All opinions are my own.]

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D.C. Happenings: Cherry Blow Dry Bar

In an age where women receive a blow out as often as a manicure it’s important to have a local blow dry salon you can trust and build a relationship with.  Cherry Blow Dry Bar is located right in Clarendon & the vibe when you walk in is, in my opinion, New York chic.  From the super cute chandeliers to the warehouse type flooring, the experience is perfect for the fun professional women in our area.

I had been driving past Cherry Blow Dry Bar for a while and I decided it be would be perfect place to have my, and my bestie, Heather’s, hair done for the Washington Humane Society’s Fashion for Paws event.  I love love love the Washington Humane Society, and I’ve been to their annual Fashion for Paws event many times, so, of course, I needed a great place to have my hair done before.  I was excited to try Cherry Blow Dry Bar for the first time, and they certainly did not disappoint!

As soon as you enter you’re warmly welcomed and promptly asked if you’d like a glass of champagne.  How could you not love that?!  Also, they were playing the best music, a little bit of everything which I love.

Lindsey, my stylist, has been doing hair for about 7 years, but has only been working at Cherry since the beginning of this year.  She was kind enough to answer some of my questions about Cherry Blow Dry Bar!

We all know there are other blow dry bars popping up, especially in the DMV area, when I asked Lindsey what set Cherry apart from their competitors she mentioned how valuable the customer service experience is, which I totally agree with.  She also focused on the consistency between all of the Cherry locations and explained how the stylists training for Cherry is unique.  There’s also another Cherry in the area, in Mosaic District, so it’s nice to know that everything across all of the Cherry Blow Dry Bars are done in the exact same way.

Also, Cherry Blow Dry Bar membership options are available for frequent customers, and they are super affordable.  A month-to-month membership is $60 and that includes 2 monthly blowouts, 10% off products, and discounts on other salon services.  The Frequent-Dryer unlimited monthly memberships runs $149, which, aren’t really that bad of a price if you have a lot of D.C. events to attend!

I loved my hair for the event, the curls were great, and the style lasted all night, and well into the next day!  I also have to comment on the fact that Lindsey was able to wash, dry, and style my hair in such a reasonable time frame- I have thick & long hair, and my other blow dry experiences have taken quite a long time.  My experience at Cherry was just enough where I was able to relax and enjoy myself, but not too long where I felt a time constraint with getting ready for the event.

Next time you’re looking for a high quality and affordable blow out, pay a visit to Cherry Blow Dry Bar, rest assured you will be treated well & love your blow out!

[Disclaimer: I received a complimentary service for this post.  All opinions are my own.]

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D.C. Happenings: BroadBand Light Therapy at NOVA Plastic Surgery

Last month I wrote a review on the fantastic Hydrafacial I received at NOVA Plastic Surgery’s Ashburn location.  My Hydrafacial review was the first in a three part series of treatments provided by NOVA Plastic Surgery, and I am so exited to bring you the second one today…BroadBand Light Therapy.
I had never heard of BroadBand Light Therapy, or BBL, before having it offered to me by NOVA Plastic Surgery.  I read up on it a little, but I was looking forward to having it explained to me by the physician assistant performing the treatment.  As soon as I walked in Wednesday afternoon I was warmly greeted and excitedly awaited to be called back to begin.
Michele Gittings, a nationally board certified PA welcomed me back and began explaining exactly what BBL was all about.  BBL can help remedy a variety of skin issues, but my personal two concerns are hyper pigmentation caused by sun damage and redness from my rosacea.  The name BroadBand Light Therapy can be a bit on the deceiving side, since the treatment feels like a laser.  However, it’s not a laser, it’s an intense pulsed light provided by a little machine called SCITON BBL, pictured below.
So, what happens with this intense pulsed light?  First, Michele supplied me with goggles to protect my eyes & applied what felt like a good amount of ultrasound jelly all over my face.  Next, she went over my entire face twice zapping away everything that leads to uneven skin tone.

The first round she used a brown filter to target hyperpigmentation and the second time she went over my face with a red filter to target redness.  The various filters allow the light to find what it needs to tackle, and the pain was minimal.  Essentially, it felt like little tiny zaps that burned ever so slightly.  I was given a nice little cooling air tube that I could position toward my face for relief.  After about 15- 20 minutes I was done, no pain, just redness that went away by the next morning!
Inside the treatment room.
I wish I could say just one BBL treatment is enough, but of course, you need to go through with the treatment a few times to achieve maximum results, and this is a pricey one…although totally worth it!  Each treatment costs $400 individually, but NOVA Plastic Surgery offers a package of three for $950, which, when you do the math, is actually an awesome deal.  After seeing a few pictures of patient results, this treatment really is incredible if you can afford the upkeep.  Also, not only is the $950 price tag not bad considering the service being provided, but when you prepay you get an extra 10% off, which would bring your total down to $855.

I would certainly go ahead with the BBL Treatment again, although I do feel like the treatment is targeted toward women slightly older than me.  However, in all honesty, if I start broadband light therapy with my skin now, I know I’ll have less maintenance issues as I grow older…which is exactly what I’m going for!!

[Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are my own.]

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