Happy Birthday Zoe Report!

I die for this closet. Freakin ba-na-nas.
Today is Rachel Zoe’s Zoe Report’s second birthday!  If you don’t know, the Zoe Report is a daily email highlighting something fabulous in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle world.  I’ve been subscribed to the Zoe Report since it started, I’ve watched every single episode of The Rachel Zoe Project (and have the third season on my iPhone), read her book A to Zoe, been all up in her contributions to Piperlime.com AND went to Neiman Marcus yesterday to look at her new collection.  
Obvz, I love her.  She truly is a style and stylist icon, we’ve all seen Anne Hathaway, Eva Mendes, and Cameron Diaz (pictured below) look absolutely gorg on the red carpet…besides their natural beauty you can credit all of that to Ms. Zoe for putting it together.  
Anne Hathaway styled by Zoe for the Oscars.

Cameron Diaz styled by Zoe for the Oscars.

Eva Mendes styled by Zoe for the Golden Globes.
 Not only is she awesome with everything she does (if you think I’m craycray for being obsessed with her, just watch her show…or read her book…) BUT she went to my college (GWU) AND majored in sociology.  Just. Like. Me.  OH, and she also grew up in Jersey, like myself…it really doesn’t get much better. 
Zoe recently launched her new high-end collection, check out the YouTube video of behind the scenes action she made with…one of my favorites…Shopbop.  PS. She also has a line with QVC, so check it out for super affordable finds. 


The daily Zoe Report is amazing, giving great advice to every fashionista in the world, even giving some awesome discounts along the way.  Sign up for the Zoe Report here!  I promise you you’ll love it and be excited to read it everyday.
Oh ya, and her baby Skyler Morrison Berman, will be the best dressed child…in the whole world.  Duh.

Makeup In Chicago

Today waking up in Chicago, I realized…I had to go shopping.  My first stop was at Saks Fifth Avenue, and boy was it a good stop.  Walking into the beauty department I was immediately stopped by a woman working for Giorgio Armani cosmetics.  She said she saw my eyelashes from across the room and had to stop me…yeah right, but I went with it because I do have pretty great lashes.  She offered me a makeover, and we all know what that means, I’ll have to buy products at the end of it.  Honestly, I didn’t really care, I’ve never tried Armani makeup before so I was intrigued.  I’ve heard amazing things about Armani’s foundation, so I was especially excited to try it out!
I love the look she created for me, I ended up walking around the entire day exploring the city.  It’s so hot here in Chicago, I felt like all of the makeup literally melted off my face, but it was so natural and she took a lot of time to teach me how to recreate the look which I appreciated.
So, as I had expected…the foundation is absolutely amazing.  I’m in the middle of a breakout right now and it didn’t even look like I was wearing any makeup after she applied it!  This foundation won Instyle Magazine’s “Best of Beauty” award, and I think it was well deserved.  I got the Luminous Silk Foundation in #5, it matches me perfectly.  The consistency is honestly the best I’ve ever used, and even as I blend it into my hand right now as I’m typing this I just love it…it gives amazing coverage while remaining super light.
Accompanying the foundation I bought the Fluid Sheer in #2, Jane [the makeup artist] told me to mix one pump of this into the foundation for a dewy look.  This reminds me of Benefit’s High Beam [click the link to read my post on it] except this is slightly more sheer and blendable.  Once again, while blending it into my hand it’s super sheer and lightweight…perfect for the summer. AND, as I said earlier, I was sweating from walking so much…I was afraid the luminosity would make me look oily…it didn’t! YAY.  
The next two items I purchased are live savers if you’re like me and tend to get the strangest weirdest random annoying breakouts.  I was super surprised by what Jane said about this first product…the Master Corrector in #1.  Most of the time to cover up redness I’ve always used a green base, which counteracts redness.  Well, this is red based…I was a little scared at first…red on red just didn’t sound right…but I could not believe the way this covered up my under-eye circles and blemishes.  As you can see the brush is super thin, so I thought it wouldn’t cover much.  WRONG.  The less the better and the way the brush applies, very minimally, is great too.
The second concealer I got is a skin tone matching concealer, High Precision Retouch, it has the same brush a the master corrector.  Jane taught me to just lightly sweep over the area I want to cover, on top of where I put the master corrector, and then anything that was once there…is magically gone!  PS….it totally works.
The last item I bought was the Blender Brush.  I’m obsessed with brushes, and I loved the way this one felt and blended in everything.  Not only did Jane use this for primer, foundation, and concealer…she also used it to apply my eyeshadow base.  I was amazed by the way it perfectly set and blended in everything [even the eyeshadow], my current blending brush was made by Sephora and to be honest…it sucks.  So, I’m really glad I got this one!
I think I’m gonna become a big fan of Armani makeup, I knew Megan Fox was the spokeswoman for the brand this past spring so I included some videos and an interview so you can familiar yourself with the brand a little more!
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Chicago: Shedd’s Aquarium

Yesterday I went to Shedd’s Aquarium here in Chicago!!  I absolutely love aquariums, so of course it had to be the very first thing I did in this city.  Below are some pictures I took while I was walking around.  It’s redic hot here, but it was so nice to walk around the city, especially since I’ve never been here before…the skyline is absolutely beautiful!!
I love coral, hopefullyyyy in a couple of years I can do volunteer work at the Coral Reef.  The colors are crazyyy beautiful.  When you look at it it’s kinda hard to believe it’s real…likeeee living real.
Lastly, I saw these two dudes and I just loved their faces.  I mean, really…their just super cool.
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Too Faced Natural Eye Palette

I’ve been using Too Faced’s Natural Eye Palette for quite some time now…I think I bought it around November… and I absolutely love it.  I originally wanted Urban Decay’s Naked Palette, but it was literally sold out everywhere.  So, I saw this palette in Ulta and I decided to try it out.  Now, I think the Natural Eye Palette is just as popular as the Naked Palette despite it being out for about 2 years!  
The colors in this palette are perfect for everyday use, and then the darker browns can take you right into the night with a smokey eye.  As you can see, I’ve hit pan on a few colors and I think I’m pretty close to hitting pan on the rest of them since I use this practically everyday!  I take this palette everywhere with me (case in point, right now I’m typing this in Chicago), it can accommodate any look I want to create, and I think that all the colors complement each other perfectly.  I’m a huge fan of neutrals and these colors are seriously spot on for creating a natural sexy look.
I also love how Too Faced included little cards that teach you how to create different looks.  I think this was a great idea because it shows how versatile this palette really is, by including little how-tos like this you can teach yourself new looks and even build upon them if you want to! 
Bottom line is go and buy this palette.  All my friends use it, and love it…it’s def worth it and you’ll get so many uses out of each color– even the base colors!! You can find it at Sephora or Ulta, or order straight from the Too Faced website and get free samples with your order!!

Lovin’ NARS

NARS Favorites

Recently, NARS overhauled their website into a newer, easier to use, and overall fancier setup.  One of my idols is Francois Nars, I read his book Makeup Your Mind back in high school, his work is amazing and I loved how the book showcased his amazing artistry and photography skills.

Anyway, back to the website!  There is a new section, WORLD of NARS, that is composed of 5 different parts that basically give you all the information you need about Mr. Nars himself, the history of the company, and his other makeup stylists. Oh, and there’s a photo shoot of Marcel Nars….his dog…which was my favorite!

I had a 20% off coupon from mintbox, so I used it to buy what’s pictured above!  If you’re unfamiliar with the NARS brand, the ultimate cult classic is anything from the Orgasm collection.  The multiple, pressed blush powder, or nail polish– they’re all super popular and should be staples in any beauty gurus makeup case.  I’ve never tried the nail polish, but I’m super excited to wear it because it can be worn during all seasons…which is why this color is so popular across the board.  I wanted to get my mom the multiple, which is pictured first, it can be used on lips, eyes, and cheeks as a blush or highlighter.  Lastly, I needed a new smudge brush so I figured I’d just get one here.

To purchase

21st Birthday…Atlantic City Styleeee

My birthday was July 19th, but I had a huge birthday party in Atlantic City this past Saturday.  It was without a doubt the best night of my life…all of my best friends were there from when I was 4 year old to the amazing friends I’ve met in college. It was pureee perfection and couldn’t have gone any better!   We stayed in the House of Blues Suite at the Showboat Casino and I had VIP at Jay Z’s 40/40 Club…aka I have the best mommy in the world!  It was the ultimate in fabulousness, and all of my girls looks GORGEOUS, and my boys super handsome
It was so hot and sticky out my hair did not last long at all, but whatever.  My dress is from Express (in indigo), I was beyond surprised when I saw it in the store and even more impressed when I tried it on.  My clutch is the Sutton by Michael Kors, and my shoes are Ivanka Trump from Bloomingdales!  I was calling them my Cinderella heels, not so comfortable but whatever.
This weekend made me realize the amazing friends I have.  People coming from D.C., Chicago, Georgia and even just the two hour drive in Jersey meant the world to me!  I honestly have the best friends ever, and just like they’d do anything for me…I’d go above and beyond to do anything for them!

Stylish Blogger Award

Thank you so much to Jessy and Georgia (click their names to check out their blogs) for awarding me the Stylish Blogger Award!  It means a lot to me that other bloggers like my work, so thank you thank you thank you!! 
Here are the rules for receiving the award
1. Link back to the person who gave it to you.
2. List 7 things about yourself that you haven’t mentioned before
3. Tag 7 people and let them know you’ve done so!
7 Things About Myself
1. Sometimes I think I love animals more than I love humans, I volunteer with the Washington Humane Society and have two dogs of my own that I pretty much treat like people.
2. Right now my hair is black, but it’s pretty much been every color possible.  Once I died it myself and it came out orange [awful.], but I still rocked it.
3. I collect Nike dunks and have 15 pairs so far.
4.   I’m obsessed with Hello Kitty.
5. I have 14 piercings and 1 tattoo of a butterfly on the back of my neck.
6.  I’m a proud Chi Omega and I love my sisters and I’m so lucky to have them in my life.
7. My ultimate dream is to teach in an underprivileged school district and work in a spa and write about beauty on the side. 
I want to share this award with…
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OOTD: Stayin Cool

It is so hot and gross out I just wanna lay around in a bathing suit all day and do nothing.  Unfortunately, that’s not an option. Boo.  This is an easy outfit to wear on a hot day like this, sometimes it’s easy to dress kinda bland on redic hot days, but this combination was easy and doesn’t look drab!
I’m wearing a shirt by Silence and Noise that I bought in Urban Outfitters about a year ago.  It was on sale for $9.99…lovely!  I paired it with a black belt, I’m not sure where I bought that.  I really like this shirt but you have to wear it with a high waist belt.  Why?  Well, this shirt is a size small but without a belt it looks absolutely awful, which is why I think it was so cheap.  I remember thinking when I first tried it on, ew…why is this shirt shaped so terribly..but then I thought about it and my belt plan worked perfectly!
My shorts are Calvin Klein, I bought them at Macy’s.  They are so comfortable and wash really well, I wear them all the time.
I didn’t want to wear any necklace with this, it would’ve been too much with the belt.  I just added this cuff I bought in Forever 21 a while back.  It’s simple and the blue-green matches well with the color of the shirt.
Because I’m not wearing a lot of jewelry I decided to jazz this up with these flat sandals by Jessica Simpson.  I bought these at DSW, I think they’re adorable, and they match anything!  I tried to search for them online to post on here, but I can’t find them anywhere.
Hope you like!

Laura Mercier: Secret Concealer

Photo: Laura Mercier 
Laura Mercier is my favorite makeup brand, I’ve been obsessed ever since I went to Blue Mercury literally 4 or 5 years ago.  A Laura Mercier rep was there and begged me to let him do my makeup.  I loved everything he did and ended up buying almost all of it, including some brushes.  It was the first time I ever really paid attention to the quality and application of my makeup, and I was thrilled with the results.
One product that has become a staple in my everyday makeup bag is the Laura Mercier Secret Concealer.  I have gone through so many of these little pots, it’s ridiculous…but necessary.  It is by far the best concealer I’ve ever used, Benefit’s Erase Paste is a close second…but I’ll save that for another time.  In my opinion, concealer is (next to mascara) is the most important part of any daily makeup routine.  
I use the Secret Concealer in #2, and if I’m darker than that, like in the summer, I just make sure I have bronzer on.  This formula is very dewy on the skin, and while it’s recommended for under the eyes only, I occasionally use it to cover up a breakout (it’s a thick formula so it covers everything perfectly), but I make sure I layer a little extra finishing powder on top.  Anyway, I really only use this for under the eyes, and trustttttt meeeeee it makes a huge difference in your overall appearance.  It makes me look alive and bright whether I was up all night from studying…or partying.
Layer this concealer on after your tinted moisturizer or foundation, it settles and looks much better this way.  I usually apply with my ring finger (FYI: this finger applies the least pressure, so try to only use your ring finger around the sensitive under eye area!) by gently pressing and blending the concealer into the eye area.
I really love this concealer, but it needs to be applied correctly in order to make it work.  It can be thick, so I always remember that less is more with this product…seriously.  If you’re looking for something new to try, I suggest this product!  Go to Sephora or any department store to try it out first and find your color.