Recipe Wednesday: Cooking Slump Edition

It’s about that time in 2018 when you come down from your new year, new you high, amirite??!! Scary thing is, we’re only two and a half months in!!!  I haven’t been feeling motivated in the kitchen recently, & I’ve been dreading needing to cook.  Although, I have an awesome new kitchen, so I’m not sure what my problem is.  Anyway,  I haven’t enjoyed being in this slump, and I felt like I needed some major inspiration to get me through the rest of March cooking our new kitchen!

March’s East Seasonal infographic is below, what do you think?!  I’ve used it as my inspiration for ingredients for the rest of this month.

First of all, we’re huge Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, mushroom, and avocado lovers in our home.  I cook with these veggies all of the time but I find I’m always doing the same recipes…using a bunch of garlic & herbs, or using my favorite Trader Joe’s Soyaki Sauce.  These are always, of course, great options- but I’m looking to add more, and new, flavors and ideas into my routine.

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Life Update: Moving

February has gone by so quickly.  I’m looking at the calendar right now, and I cannot believe there’s only 8 more days left in this month.  February has been super hectic for me, from teaching to kinda, half way unexpectedly, moving.

Life can be pretty crazy, almost all the time, but I really wasn’t expecting needing to move in a three week time period.  At first it was super overwhelming, but then Rob & I found a renovated townhouse in D.C…. finally, we’re officially in the city.  No more rush hour traffic for me, my school is just over a 5 minute drive away.  It’s seriously amazing.

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Travel Tuesday: Philly Pt II

Happy Tuesday!  If you missed my Travel Tuesday: Philly Pt I last week, you can check it out here!  We stayed at the awesome Kimpton Hotel Palomar, and saw some great art around the city.

The one aspect of the trip I saved for its own post was…of course…the food.

We were able to hit quite a few unique Philly restaurants, and I was so pleased with everything I ate in the city.  For lunch after The Barnes Foundation we were in search for the best cheesesteak in town.  We ended up at Woodrow’s Sandwich Shop, which is just a couple years old, located on South Street.  It’s also just down the street from Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens, so it’s the perfect spot to head to if you’re feeling hungry for lunch before or after you visit the gardens!

Paulina, Sabah, & I all ordered cheesesteaks, with their homemade truffle cheese whiz…yes, you read correctly…homemade…truffle…cheese…whiz.  & it was amazing.  I honestly can’t even begin to tell you how delicious it was, & with the cajun fries on the side…ah, I want some right now!! Def stop by Woodrow’s Sandwich Shop for a cheesesteak, it’s low key, and I feel like not too many people have realized how amazing the cheesesteaks are here…yet.  They will soon though, that cheese whiz is mesmerizing.

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Travel Tuesday: 24 Hours in Philly Part I

Ok, full disclaimer before I get started…Philly has always been my least favorite city.  Way to open up a Travel Tuesday blog post, right?  Well, my thoughts on Philadelphia have been slightly changed by a recent girls trip over MLK weekend with Sabah & our fab travel organizer, Paulina!  We were able to fit in a lot in our one night stay, and I left Philly thinking hey, I might want to come back here again!

Paulina got an awesome deal at the Kimpton Hotel Palomar, located in the City Center neighborhood.  This was my first time staying at a Kimpton, and it did not disappoint.  The Palomar is a chic boutique hotel, in a perfect location for sightseeing.  Check-in was super quick, the woman behind the desk was friendly, and even though we were a few hours early she was able to accommodate and get us a great room right when we arrived.  Throughout our short stay, the customer service was great.

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Budget Beauty: Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser

While I was home in NJ for the holidays I snooped around my Mom’s beauty cabinets and found Neutrogena’s Deep Clean Cream Cleanser.  I’d never used this before, so I figured I would use it daily for a week and a half to see if it was a good Budget Beauty buy!

First off, I’m a huge Neutrogena fan, I think they really are the best for budget friendly, high quality, products.  I’ve used a variety of Neutrogena products since middle school (!!) and I have never been disappointed. 

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NYC Happenings: Volez, Voguez, Voyagez – Louis Vuitton Exhibit

Before I get into this Louis Vuitton greatness…

A few days after Christmas my bestie, Heather, & I took the train into NYC with our Mom’s to have fun in the city.  We got our Mom’s tickets to the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular, with the Rockette’s, and the Radio City Stage Door Tour, where they met and had a cute photo sesh with a Rockette.  If you live in the tri-state area, or plan on visiting NYC during the next holiday season, this is an awesome gift to give…trust me.

You can find more info on the Radio City Stage Door Tour here!


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Lancome Tonique Pur Focus Matifying Purifying Toner

2018 is finally here, good riddance 2017.

I’m trying to not freak out so much about it being a new year, I’m hoping that acting chill and going with the flow will produce the same results, if not more, than going crazy and ranting about doing x, y, & z in 2018.

Yes, I have some goals and bucket list items, but I’m not losing my mind over it.  My one big ticket 2018 to do item, is to stay super organized with my time, and with my life.  I wrote about this last week in 3 Ways to Keep 2018 Organized, so check it out if you haven’t already!

On a beauty note, the Lancome Tonique Pure Focus Toner is my first empty of the year!  I’d used this toner a lot in the AM during my skincare routine, but I mostly used it before doing any type of heavy/ all day or night makeup look.  The Lancome Tonique Pure Focus is a matifying toner, and since I tend to get shiny after a while I wanted to prep my skin well with this toner before doing a big makeup look.

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