Recipe Wednesday: Home Chef’s Popular Pepper Shrimp

When the pandemic started and food options were somewhat limited I decided to join Home Chef & I’ve been obsessed ever since. I had tried other meal delivery services before and didn’t love them- but with Home Chef, I’ve really enjoyed the recipes, freshness of ingredients and quality of meat. I like how I can plan my meals out weeks ahead and make modifications to the type of meat I want. I’m always impressed with the variety of recipes Home Chef has to offer and I’ve always been able to find multiple meals to add to my delivery!

Another highlight of Home Chef I appreciate is the 10% teacher discount (also offered for first responders, military, nurses and students). I save about $6 per order – I do weekly orders of either 2 or 3 meals, so saving about $2 per meal isn’t bad at all! Right now I’m spending between $55-$65 a week for my 3 meals- depending on what I choose. On weeks I only choose 2 meals it comes to about $45. Each meal has 2 servings so I have an extra serving I typically enjoy for lunch the next day.

Since I’ve been so pleased with Home Chef, I figured I’d start sharing my meals on here! I’ve found the meals to be easy to make and I’ve even recreated a few of my favorites. Each order comes with recipe cards that are hole punched so you can create your own recipe book. I honestly prefer to just read the recipes off the Home Chef app – they stay in your app cookbook forever and are easy to follow and go back to if needed!

The first recipe I’m sharing today is their Popular Pepper Shrimp. The directions were insanely easy- per usual. & at the end I had a delicious meal and enough left for lunch the next day. Home Chef always gives a TON of shrimp with the meals which I truly appreciate because I’m such a shrimp gal.

When I cook I rarely measure out anything – even with a recipe my style is very much “throw it together like this” and that’s exactly how I explain it below. If you’re someone who prefers exact measurements I’m not going to be the best help- I’m sorry!!!!

To recreate this meal you’ll need…

-Shrimp (as many as you want)

Toss the shrimp in about 2-3 tablespoons of seasoned cornstarch. I seasoned the cornstarch with salt, pepper and some sazon seasoning. Pour a bit of olive oil in a pan and cook the shrimp about 2 minutes per side. Don’t touch the shrimp until you’re ready to flip them- you don’t want to mess up the coating!

-Jasmine rice

Prep the rice how you typically do and set to the side – I like to throw in a nice amount of butter when it’s just about done cooking.

-Red bell pepper, green onions, garlic cloves & a jalapeño

Dice up the red pepper and as much of the jalapeño as you’d like. Mince the garlic. Slice the green onion and separate the white & green parts. Heat up some olive oil and throw the garlic in there for about a minute before you add in the red pepper, jalapeño and white parts of the green onion. I also like to add a bit of salt and pepper. Stir them up and remove from heat after about 5 minutes.

-Mayo, minced ginger & ponzu sauce

I know with sauces I need to be a bit more precise with my amounts. I’d use 2 tablespoons of mayo, 2 teaspoons of minced ginger and 2 tablespoons of the ponzu sauce. Start there and then add more of either the mayo or ponzu sauce depending on how you like the consistency of your sauce. If you’re a ginger lover go ahead and add more to taste!


Top the jasmine rice with the shrimp, veggies, sauce and the green parts of the green onion. & bam, you’re done. If you have leftovers this will be delish the following day! It took me about 20 minutes to make this – it’s a super easy recipe for a weeknight meal and it’s super yummy! Enjoy!


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