Hair Must Have: Briogeo Scalp Scrub

The Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Coconut Oil Microexfoliating Scalp Scrub has been a total lifesaver for my scalp recently. Thankfully pregnancy hasn’t been rough on my skin at all, the only skin change I’ve noticed is my scalp gets oily way quicker than it used to.

I typically go for 4-5 days before washing my hair and now I need to wash it every 2 days. My scalp is all of a sudden oily and I really can’t stand it. I have a great shampoo & conditioner I’m using (more on that next week) but I felt like I needed a scrub to help detoxify my scalp. I was browsing Sephora a couple of weeks ago and asked for suggestions and the Briogeo scrub was immediately brought up.

This scalp scrub/ shampoo works for all hair types. I also love that it’s a shampoo, but I’ve been using it more as a pretreatment before I do my typical shampoo & conditioner routine. I only use this once a week so I don’t strip any necessary oils from my hair, it’s now a part of my Spa Sunday routine.

I’ve been using this product weekly for about two months now & I’ve been loving how refreshed and clean my scalp feels after use. The coconut oil helps to keep me hydrated while the charcoal makes it feel like my scalp is getting a great scrub and rid of those extra oils my lovely daughter is causing me to experience!

I know the price is a bit steep, especially with other scalp scrubs popping up left and right these days, but Briogeo is an amazing brand that delivers high quality products. I’ve used quite a few of their haircare products and I’ve been very impressed. On the other hand I’ve tried other scalp scrubs and have been let down, so, splurging on a high quality product such as this one was a must for me.

Our hair usually changes with the seasons and with fall right around the corner a scalp scrub may be just what you need to keep your hair balanced and healthy!

Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Coconut Oil Microexfoliating Scalp Scrub | $42


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