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In case you missed my last post, I’m pregnant! Cue all the pink confetti in the world!

Today I want to talk about vitamins. Vitamins are super important for our every day lives but even more so during pregnancy. I was pretty good about taking vitamins pre-pregnancy, but now I’m a vitamin psychopath & very proud of it!

When I was 18 I had a gynecological procedure done & was told it would probably be a challenge to get pregnant in the future. I honestly thought about that all the time through my 20s and so I had originally always wanted kids young because I thought I had a better chance. Well, thank the good Lord that never happened, but as I approached my late 20s I began to question my chances.

I had no idea when my time would come (and def didn’t think it would be May 2020) but I wanted to make sure my body was constantly prepped with vitamins and nutrients needed. I’ve always taken fish oil, B12, and had been taking D3 off & on, but I also added folic acid to my daily vitamin mix about a year ago. I’m going to go into the benefits of these vitamins below, but just wanted to start out by sharing I had already been taking these for quite some time before becoming pregnant.

After finding out I was pregnant I immediately started researching other vitamin options to add to my daily mix. I’ve added a daily prenatal, choline, and magnesium. I’ve been taking these every day and I’ve no ill feeling side effects from any of them. My iron levels are normal, so I never added an iron supplement. If you have low iron levels you will definitely want to talk to your doctor about either incorporating more iron rich food or a supplement. Iron supplements aren’t the most fun for our bodies, so I’d steer more toward iron rich foods such as leafy greens, apples, dates and lentils.

I truly think stocking my body with all of these different vitamins helped curb any potential morning sickness. Maybe I just got really lucky in that area, but I had 0 morning sickness. Literally, 0…and that’s with a girl! We 100% thought she was a boy (and were calling her one for weeks before finding out) because I had no sickness and felt so great the entire time. I’m starting to think, and my midwife said it’s a possibility, I avoided morning sickness because of my vitamin cocktail intake. Of course, who knows if that’s why, but if it is, that’s an easy thing to add to your daily pregnancy to do list!

To make this easy to read I’m going to list each vitamin I’m taking and some benefits. As always, make sure you check with your doctor before starting any supplements – everyone’s body is different and requires (or not) different things. Make sure to run any new vitamins by your doctor or midwife first before adding it to your repertoire!


I’ve been taking B12 every day for quite some time now. As a first grade teacher I need all the support I can get and I find I’m more alert and focused when I take it. This has been especially helpful while pregnant because I’ve been able to win against fatigue most days! I notice I’m much more fatigued during the day if I don’t take my B12. As far as for baby, B12 helps with early fetal development. I take B12 in the morning, but you’ll notice through the post I take most of my other vitamins at night before bed!

Folic Acid

Great to have in your body pre-pregnancy. It’s a B vitamin that can help prevent neural tube defects- which happen during the first weeks of pregnancy. It can help to prevent preterm birth & with DNA production. You can also get folate from foods such as leafy greens & citrus fruits. I take 600 micrograms per day and I take this at night.

Fish Oil

I’ve been taking fish oil for years as it benefits heart, eye, skin and nail health. It’s also great to load up on those omega-3s with salmon, eggs, chia seeds. In addition to helping support baby’s nervous system & eye development fish oil is highly beneficial to Mom during pregnancy. Increased levels of omega-3s lessen the chance of preeclampsia and depression both during pregnancy and postpartum. I take 2 fish oil pills nightly.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is something I’ve taken for years as many, many, people are vitamin D deficient. It’s even more important to make sure you have healthy vitamin D levels during pregnancy for maternal health. Vitamin D can help prevent gestational diabetes, preeclampsia and low birth weight. It also helps to support bone strength for Mom which is important as lots of things are changing in our bodies right now! Most prenatal vitamins have vitamin D in them but not enough- so check yours to see the amount of vitamin D and consider adding a supplement if you, and your doctor/ midwife, feel you may need more.


Magnesium is a new addition to my vitamin routine since becoming pregnant. Higher levels of magnesium help the baby’s bone & teeth development and can even help with regulating the baby’s sleep cycles (yay!). For women it’ll help regular blood sugar, reduce chances of leg cramps and can also help with nausea (double yay!). Apparently most women are magnesium deficient, so def talk to your doctor/ midwife about adding this supplement to your routine. I know I’m very happy I did! I take 350mg of magnesium at night.


This supplement was totally new to me with pregnancy. Choline helps develop the baby’s tissues and aids brain development, specifically visual-spacial memory and processing speed. Apparently only about 10% of women meet the recommended choline intake per day and it’s not always found in prenatal vitamins. At night I take a 450mg choline pill.

Women’s One a Day Prenatal Advanced Complete Multivitamin

This is my daily prenatal that I take each night. Added bonus: it comes with a choline supplement so you don’t have to buy that on its own! I really like this prenatal vitamin, it also has some iron in it as well. These pills aren’t huge in size so if that’s sometimes a challenge for you, you should be good to go with these! While I never experienced nausea during my first trimester I know that’s not the reality for most- in my research of this product before taking it, I read that women experiencing morning sickness were still able to comfortably take this prenatal. So, if you’re experiencing morning sickness try this prenatal out, it might not make you any more nausea than you already are!

This is such a crazy time and I find myself always wondering if what I’m doing is best. I think this vitamin routine I’m on has been really great and I’m amazed by how good I feel pretty much all of the time. I hope my routine can give you some ideas about what to add to your own & if you have any questions reach out to me at!


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