Budget Beauty: Ponds Cold Cream

My BEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD, Heather, swears by Ponds Cold Cream. Cold cream was my go to years & years ago, but with so many makeup removing products on the market I honestly forgot about it. I was recently out of makeup removing cleansers and decided to pick up Ponds Cold Cream while perusing Target one day. I 100% forgot how much I love this product and I am SO HAPPY it’s now back in my skincare routine.

Even though I haven’t been wearing too much makeup lately due to #quarantine I’m still using my Ponds Cold Cream nightly to prep my face for cleanser and the rest of my routine. I have the fragrance free cold cream, but honestly I think either one works just fine. Fragrances don’t usually irritate my skin, but if you are more on the sensitive side, you may want to do the fragrance free option.

I know there are a ton of great makeup removing cleansers out there but cold cream is a classic and is so incredibly moisturizing. The Ponds Cold Cream product is 50% moisturizer and, as you can instantly tell when removing, has beeswax to help keep skin soft and hydrated. You don’t need to rinse your face when you’re done, but I do since I follow up with a targeted cleanser after using. I love how I can still feel the effects of the cold cream on my skin though even after using my follow up cleanser.

Bonus tip! My bestie Heather suggests wiping cold cream downward on your lashes to remove mascara and hydrate your lashes at the same time. I’ve been doing that for a few days now, just for conditioning my lashes since I haven’t been wearing mascara.

Ponds Cold Cream | $8


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