Thursday’s Fab Five: Book & Podcast Edition

Happy Thursday, everyone! I hope all are adjusting to our temporary new normal the best you can. It’s been interesting learning how to teach first graders from afar, but hey, every day is an adventure!

I know our ability to go out has been close to zero, so I wanted to focus on some Fab books and podcasts I’ve been enjoying while in somewhat of a quarantine. I read a majority of my books on my iPhone, but I did just recently get a DC Library card that I’m excited to use once this sh*t is over! Anyway, here are two books I’ve read in the past two weeks. Both of them are filled with suspense and are total page turners.

The first is The Perfect Stranger by Megan Miranda. I’d consider this a thriller in the sense that makes you think about the lengths people will go to alter, or altogether hide, their identity. Yes, there’s murder involved, but the element of the book that captured me was having to reevaluate my thoughts on characters after almost every chapter.

The main character, Leah, reports her roommate missing. A woman is found at the lake assaulted, and later on a man is found dead in a car. Leah’s roommate, still missing. Leah, has a huge secret about her past. So, as you can see, there’s lots going on and I think Miranda brought all the pieces together quite well.

The next book I read, was Verity, by Colleen Hoover. My friends had been suggesting this book for a while so it’s been on my list. When I saw Colleen Hoover was placing quite a few of books on Amazon Kindle for free, because of the #quarantine, I immediately jumped at the chance to download Verity! It’s tough for me to explain Verity in any a word other than mindf*ck. If you are sensitive to things happening to children, I would skip this novel.

Hoover writes Verity so well from two different perspectives which is why it is such a mindf*ck and will have you wondering wtf just happened when you read the last page. It’s suspenseful, thrilling, and super creepy. I loved curling up on the couch reading it when it was raining the other day- it’s def one of those books. Best part is, it’s still free on Amazon Kindle, so check it out!

The Perfect Stranger by Megan Miranda | $9.99

Verity by Colleen Hoover | $0

I like to switch back and forth between sitting and reading, and moving around cleaning listening to podcasts. I try to keep up with my favorite podcasts, but when you’re busy it can be hard! Well, now that I have all the time in the world, I’m finally catching up with podcasts I’m episodes behind on.

The first podcast I want to feature is CounterClock which features the murder of Denise Johnson in Kill Devil Hills, NC. This cold case has so many different twists and turns- the host, Delia d’Ambra has done an excellent job diving deep into evidence and leads to help bring Johnson’s killer to justice. Just this morning, in episode 13, it was announced that the case is being reopened and investigated. I think the podcast has unearthed a lot of new leads that will hopefully help investigators narrow in on possible suspects.

I’ve also been listing to Down the Hill: The Delphi Murders, by CNN Headline News, which is about the murder of two young girls in Indiana. The creepiest part of this story involves Snapchat possibly capturing a short video of the girls’ murderer. It’s frustrating and sad to listen to this unsolved crime when there is relatively good evidence available. It makes me wonder, do people in the town know more? How could nobody come forward after seeing a picture & audio (low quality, but at least it’s something!) of the suspect? Headline News goes into detail with those involved in the case but also pay special attention to the victims and the listeners really getting to know them.

The last podcast to feature, that I just finished up, is Truth & Lies: Jeffrey Epstein by ABC News. UGH, my level of disgust with this one was, as you can imagine, quite high. I love ABC News podcasts, another great one isHave You Seen This Man, they also do such thorough investigations. I learned so much about Epstein’s background through the nine episodes- a true conman and predator that was basically allowed by law enforcement and the government to do whatever he damn well pleased. UGH.

I hope these book and podcast recs can help fill up your days ahead! I find they’re all enjoyed best with a class of wine and blanket on the couch. STAY HOME, and stay safe!


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