Redken Volumizing Mousse & Captain Blankenship Sea Salt Hair Spray

Today I’m sharing two hair care products that I just cannot get enough of lately. I honestly don’t spend too much time on my hair, I more so have a routine I follow with certain brands. It’s nothing special and that’s about it! I love trying new products, but I’m super particular with hair. I’m nowhere as adventurous with hair as I am with my skincare. However, once in a while, I try a new hair product, and really love it! Which is why I’m sharing the Redken GUTS10 Mousse and Captain Blankenship Sea Salt Spray with you today!

I wash my hair about 2x a week. If I washed it every day I’d be an absolute mess. My hair is super color treated, and can get dry very quickly, so I deep condition with a mask once a week- but more on that another time! My shampoo is tea tree based to help keep my scalp healthy. After shampooing I’ve tried quite a few mousse type products, and just haven’t been happy. When a stylist recommended the Redken GUTS10 Mousse to me, I was hesitant at first, but happy I decided to give it a try! I felt I needed way more root volume, and she insisted this would deliver just that.

The root volume I get from the Redken GUTS10 Mousse is great. I have a lot of thick hair, so I use a fair amount after towel drying and apply it to my roots for added volume and fullness. I rarely blow dry my hair, so when I use this I let it air dry afterwards, and I like the way it looks. If you do blow dry your hair though, use a round brush as you dry to really maximize the volume from the product. My favorite part about GUTS10 is that it doesn’t leave a slimy or sticky feeling on my hands or hair after applying. I know how a lot of mousses feel, and I’m happy to report that that isn’t an issue with this one!

The second product I make sure to use in combination with the Redken GUTS10 is the Captain Blankenship Sea Salt Spray. I love, love, love, a great Sea Salt Spray and this one is my absolute favorite because of how nurturing it is for my hair. This product not only gives great looking beach waves, but has sea kelp extract and aloe vera so hair stays healthy and does not dry out.

The Captain Blankenship was a FabFitFun find for me and I’ve already repurchased it because I love it so much! The formula is lightweight and doesn’t dry out my strands. I also always follow up with a spray oil to keep my hair shining and hydrated. I love having this sea salt spray in my gym bag too- if it’s a non wash day gym day (meaning I didn’t sweat too much & my hair isn’t nasty) then I’ll spray this before work with some dry shampoo and be good to go!

You can find both of these products at Ulta, so give them a go & let me know what ya think!

Redken GUTS10 Volumizing Mousse | $20

Captain Blankenship Sea Salt Spray | $24


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