Face Mask Monday: Olay Glow Boost White Charcoal Clay Mask

The first Face Mask Monday of the year goes to a budget beauty buy, the Olay Glow Boost White Charcoal Clay Mask! When Olay came out with these stick face masks I thought to myself, wow this looks super easy. & guess what, it is super easy! Easy to apply, easy to remove, just all around…easy.

Olay is a super trustworthy brand, and when they came out with their line of mask sticks, it was a total game changer. Right now I only have the Glow Boost White Clay, but as my mask collection dwindles in this new year, I plan on adding the rest of the collection to my own!

I use this mask for very specific occasions…the first is before applying my makeup for a big night out. The second is when I look like a big mess the day after a big night out. Notice a theme here? The Glow Boost mask has Kaolin clay, which is a micro-exfoliator. Applying this mask before doing a full glam look is essential because it gently exfoliates and preps my skin perfectly for a full face of makeup, and it helps rehab me the next day by giving me back a glow. The white clay ingredient helps to give skin a great glow.

The application is so easy, the stick applies the mask super smoothly, and is perfect if you’re a multi-masker! I also appreciate how easy it is to remove this mask. Typically I use clay & mud masks before a shower since it’s usually such a mess taking it off- but you don’t have to with this one! Take off is easy breezy, just like the application.

This mask is perfect for skin prep and skin rehab after a great night out. It’s a high quality budget beauty buy & I’m looking forward to adding the rest of the Olay stick masks to my collection!


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