Londontown Holiday Polish 2019

About a year ago vegan & cruelty free polish line Londontown reached out to me with their spring/ summer collection. I loved their polish, it’s high quality and the color selection is, in my opinion, strong & on trend. So, not surprisingly, I was thrilled when LondonTown reached back out with some great holiday polishes!

I’ve used two of the four holiday polishes so far, and I’m loving the vibes and quality of these colors. Londontown also sent over their Soft Touch Nail Scrub, which has now become a staple in my Sunday skincare routine.

Cashmere, Crowning Crumpet, Starstruck, Jane Austen

Cashmere & Crowning Crumpet are def in my preferred color family, the neutral purple feel is perfect for winter without looking to heavy. My favorite color though has to be Jane Austen. I’m big into neutrals lately, and this color serves me creamy neutral, which I love. I paired it with a gold glitter overlay to give a holiday feel, below. Jane Austen is great year round, and I love it for a pedi. I’m also really feeling Starstruck for New Year’s Eve vibes!! The glitter is bold but fine, so it doesn’t look chunky or, worse, cheap.

Londontown polish is a luxe present for the beauty lover in your life, they aren’t your typical nail polish brand and that is what makes their products so unique as holiday presents!

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Londontown Nail Colors | $16

Soft Touch Nail Scrub | $18


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