VIICode Oxygen Eye Masks

Masks, masks, masks…2019 is all about the sheet mask craze and I’m 100% here for it. I’m also 100% here for a great eye mask. Eye masks are specially formulated for the sensitive under eye area and typically focus on anti-aging and depuffing the area. Pair a once a week eye mask with a really great under eye cream, like the Dr. Brandt needles no more Eye DePuffing Gel I featured a few weeks ago, and your eyes will be unstoppable.

VII is a brand I have featured before, back in 2017 I featured their Oxygen Eye Cream. I really enjoyed how thick of an eye cream it was and it did a great job at keeping me hydrated and bright while I traveled through Europe. I highly suggest it, but beware, it is not budget friendly by any means! You can check out my thoughts on the VIICode Oxygen Eye Cream, here!

Now, back to the Oxygen Eye Mask review…

I’m super serious about my face mask routine, and I’ve been upping my usage recently like crazy. So, when VIICode reached back out to me to feature their Oxygen Eye Masks, it could not have been more perfect timing!

First off, I’m loving the single packaging. It makes it super easy to take these on vacation, use on the plane, or just to keep next to your bed at night. I personally keep mine in my skin fridge so they get nice & cold!

The VIICode Oxygen Eye Masks have been the perfect addition to my Wednesday night face mask routine. Applying the eye masks is the last step in my routine because you can keep these bad boys on while you sleep. Yes, you read that correctly…the masks stay on while you sleep! You really maximize the benefits of the ingredients by making it an overnight eye mask, and I’m so here for it. VII says no more than 8 hours on the skin, mine are usually left on for about 7.

These eye masks are super comfortable and while they did fall off in the middle of the night, the couple hours I was awake with them on, they didn’t shift on my face at all. I’ve found these eye masks to be way more comfortable and soft on the skin compared to some other top brand eye masks on the market right now.

These would make a luxurious stocking stuffer Christmas present, or would be perfect to stock up on before a longer flight where you’d really need some extra eye love. VII also makes a second eye mask specifically focusing on dark circles- so if that’s a concern for you, then def check those out as well!

VIICode O2M OxyGen Eye Mask | $55 (for 6 sets)


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