Clarins Gentle Day Cream

I’m sharing a great moisturizer today that I just recently ran out of, haaaalp!! The Clarins Gentle Day Cream for Sensitive Skin has been my go to night moisturizer for months now. Yes, you read that right, a day cream has been my go to night moisturizer for months now.

Confused as to why a day cream at night? I was too at first! I was shopping in Nordstrom one morning and Clarins had a team of their national makeup artists in store. Naturally, I couldn’t resist a makeup session. I explained to the makeup artist that I struggle with rosacea, and he immediately brought over two products that would help me. The first was a serum, which I’ll share next week. The second was this Gentle Day Cream.

The Clarins Gentle Day Cream is formulated for sensitive skin, but all can use it, and I guarantee you’ll love it. I’m a Clarins junkie, & while they’re not a “natural” brand, I love how plant based their skincare and makeup products are. This is a rebalancing cream, which I personally think makes more sense to use at night. Also, the Clarins Gentle Day Cream does not have SPF, which is the main reason I used this as a night cream.

The serum + cream combo that was suggested to me by the Clarins makeup artist did wonders for my skin. I was so impressed by the day cream! A little goes a long way, and I was able to get so much use out of it. After applying my skin always felt and moisturized. I feel like the Clarins Anti-Pollution Complex ingredients def did their job.

Since this does combat redness, I understand wanting to use it in the morning. However, I enjoyed using it at night because I woke up without as much redness. Also, needing to add an SPF product after applying it in the morning was a step I just didn’t feel like needing to add to my routine.

One last thing I need to mention, this is def not a budget friendly product. Yes, it’s expensive, but 100% worth the price. & as I mentioned, a little goes a long way, so it will last you quite some time. In my opinion, investing in good skincare now will eliminate me needing to do anything drastic in the future, which is why I make the choice to buy products like the Clarins Gentle Day Cream every now and again.

Clarins Gentle Day Cream- Sensitive Skin | $65


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