Dr. Brandt’s needles no more Eye Depuffing Gel

Wow this is a great eye gel. Like really, my eyes feel so great after I apply this in the morning it’s unreal. Dr. Brandt products are super high quality, and while I haven’t used very many in my routines, I’m so happy to have the needles no more NO MORE BAGAGE Eye Depuffing Gel as part of my current eye care routine. This is a FabFitFun product that was in my last box, and I’m so worried about running out soon. HELP.

Similar to all eye creams or gels I use, this product aims to depuff and combat dark circles. If you’re familiar with my under eye talk, I’m very #blessed that I do not have any under eye concerns at this point in my life. I’m super thankful for this but it also means that I’m super extra when it comes to being proactive in preventing any issues from popping up in the future. The under eye area is so delicate and prone to dark circles and pooling, I’m trying to avoid that as long as possible as I inch closer to 30. Using a great product like this Dr. Brandt Depuffing Gel greatly helps.

Dr. Brandt is a brand that’s on point with using new technology to make our skincare more direct and potent. The needles no more Eye Gel (don’t you just love that name?!) uses what is known as biomimetic film to help the under eye area appear more contoured, less puffy, and less dark. The algae and plant extracts in the film help to tighten the area and reduce the dreaded puff we sometimes wake up with in the morning.

I keep this product in my skin fridge, so it’s always nice & cold when I apply it in the morning. It’s so refreshing and a wonderful way to wake up tired eyes for the day! If you don’t have a skin fridge, I highly recommend purchasing one- they’re a total game changer for skin care!! This is one of those products that feels so much more powerful since using it chilled, so if you can somehow work that in, I highly recommend it!

Dr. Brandt needles no more NO MORE BAGAGE Eye Dupuffing Gel | $42


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