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It’s Saturdayyyy…ouuuouuuuuu! Love me some 2001 Ludacris, and yes, I actually listened to this song this morning while putting the finishing touches on this post/ cleaning my cloffice.

This is my last summer Saturday, a new school year starts on Monday, and I’m ready to get back into my routine, but not ready for all the work, work, work, that’s about to come my way.

Here are some of the posts & articles I’ve been reading through the week now that I’m back from Europe. I’m super excited to share tons of pics and travel tips in the upcoming weeks from my European adventure, so stay tuned!

The Amazon Rainforest is Ablaze- Here’s How You Can Help

By: Refinery 29

My anger in this issue is through the F’ing roof. The Amazon Rainforest fires are not getting the coverage deserved, and it’s really pissing me off. This is a huge deal for our planet, and we should all be taking time out of our lives to read up on what’s happening, WHY IT’S HAPPENING, and what we can do moving forward to protect Earth. PLEASE, read this article ad understand that you can lend a helping hand without always needing to open your wallet.

Grilled Zucchini with Goat Cheese and Pine Nuts

By: Foodie Crush

I love zucchini. I love goat cheese. & I love pine nuts. So, this recipe gave me all the end of summer feels when I read it. It looks amazingly delicious and is perfectly light for a hot summer night. I also found out that zucchini is safe & yummy for dogs, so I’m going to be sure to drop some when I make this recipe this week!

Is There Literally Any Reason for CBD to Be In Your Skincare Products?

By: Self

Spoiler alert: the answer is unclear. I’ve been wanting to get through some current products to make way for some CBD ones to help manage my rosacea. I’ve read a lot about how CBD in skincare helps as an anti-inflammatory, but it seems as though there isn’t a ton of evidence to support this firmly. Ugh, so annoying. This article did teach me some more things about CBD in general though, so it’s a great read if you’re interested in the trend!

How to Get Back on Track – 7 Steps to Finding Motivation + Rebuilding Habits

By: Thirteen Thoughts

This was a great read for me coming back from my vacation. This summer has been super challenging and full of transitions, and now that I’m back, and going back to work on Monday, I’m trying hard to reset and rebuild some parts of my life. I love Paula from Thirteen Thoughts, I read her posts all the time, and this is one of my favorites. Fall is right around the corner, so maybe we all need a reset in our lives, right?

2- Move Workout You Can Do Anywhere

By: Self

Ariana Grande always looks amazing, so I’ll def be doing this two move workout her trainer shared with Self. Walking lunges & glute bridges and be too difficult to do daily…

Hoping these articles gave you some important information and inspiration. Enjoy the weekend, loves!!


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