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Happy Saturday! One of my favorite things to do on a Saturday is to scroll through all the links I’ve opened up at work during the week, but never actually get around to reading. When I first started Love. Life. Beauty. I routinely did a Link Roundup, and then slowly stopped. I’ve been wanting to bring it back, so here we are, with Saturday’s Link Love! If you have any favorite links you’ve come across during the week, drop them in the comments below!

13 Things You’re Doing to Sabotage Your Skin

By: The EveryGirl

I def want to start taking probiotics daily, both for my skin and overall heath. & I know I need to be more mindful about not touching my face & making sure I regularly wipe down my cell phone before using it to prevent germs!

11 New Products Coming to Ulta This Month

By: Refinery 29

I really want to try the new Tarte Stay Spray setting spray! It claims to be the perfect setting spray for the summer, and since facial sweating is one of my biggest fears in life, I’m hoping this product lives up to the hype! The e.l.f. Super Mask also looks promising for a post-sun mask.

18 Classic Black Bags You Will Keep Forever and Wear with Everything


I’m an all-black-everything type of woman, so I love a great black bag. Of course, I want all of these in this article!

How to Pack for a Weekend Trip

By: Thirteen Thoughts

I’m great at packing for long trips, but the worst at packing for a weekend trip! I love Paula’s article about focusing on the essentials, and on what activities you’ll be doing for the weekend getaway.

What Can Centella Asiatica Really Do for Red, Dry, Sensitive Skin?

By: Self

I had never heard of centella asiatica before reading this article, and I’m totally down to try some of the suggested products! I don’t really have sensitive skin, just rosacea, so I’m hoping that it can help reduce redness, especially since pretty soon I’ll be out in the sun a lot more!


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