Mad Hippie Hydrating Nutrient Mist

Months ago I was so appreciative to Mad Hippie sending me a nice little package in the mail. I wrote about, and have since used up, the Vitamin C Serum, which I highly recommend, it’s absolutely amazing! Today I’m here to review another Mad Hippie product, their Hydrating Nutrient Mist– which honesty has mixed online reviews. Let’s get into it…

First of all, Mad Hippie is an up & coming brand that has been featured in Allure, Elle, and Marie Claire, just to name a few. They’re most known for the cult Vitamin C Serum, but I think they have a great range of products. I’m a big facial mist person, so I was thrilled when Mad Hippie sent along the Hydrating Nutrient Mist. The Hydrating Nutrient Mist has 18, yes 18, active ingredients that work to repair and hydrate skin from the day’s pollution and mess. Milk thistle, vitamin C, pomegranate seed extract, & gingko biloba are just a few of the powerful ingredients in this product that help to bring down redness, fight discoloration, and power up with antioxidants.

Overall, I think this is a great product. I love the smell of the mist, and it feels so light and refreshing on my skin. The only issue I have is with the sprayer…plain & simple, it sucks. It sprays way too much and harshly, not like a mist. So, what I do, is spray it in my hands, and pat it into my skin. Sounds kinda annoying, but patting and pressing product into your skin is what you should actually be doing anyway for maximum absorption and results. I know the ease of just being able to spray and go is really important to some, but it’s not that big of a deal for me.

Another way I’ve combatted the poor sprayer quality is by using it to dampen my beauty blender before applying my concealer. This has been life changing for my concealer- I look way more bright and dewy when I do this, and I think it helps my concealer last longer as well. I’ve def turned this lemon of a sprayer into lemonade. Such an easy solution to a small annoying issue.

Long story short, I think the Mad Hippie Hydrating Nutrient Mist is actually one of the best facial mists I’ve ever used. The sprayer by which the mist is delivered through though, totally needs to be redone & is super low quality. I hope they fix this soon because the hydrating nutrient mist is awesome and great for the skin!

Mad Hippie Hydrating Nutrient Mist | $20


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