bareMinerals Invisible Glow Highlight Powder

My daytime makeup look is soft and natural because well, I’m a teacher, so it kinda has to be. Since I love makeup so much I want to incorporate all of my favorite elements, but I realize it has to be toned down during the day. When I think about highlight, I love to think about a strong bright look along the top of my cheek bones. I think we all know that’s a tad too dramatic for any daytime makeup look, so instead of something bold and shiny, I introduce you to a soft and natural highlighter, the bareMinerals Invisible Glow Powder.

First of all, it’s a baked highlighter, which I love. & it’s bareMinerals, which automatically means great quality, in my opinion. If you’re unfamiliar with baked makeup, it basically means it was once a cream, and was baked to become a solid. I love how baked makeup applies and always find it to be more vibrant and higher pigmented. This highlight has such a natural look to it, and when applied makes me look appropriately sun-kissed.

Invisible Glow comes in four different shades, fair/light, medium, tan, and dark/deep. I have medium, so it has pink and gold hues, and a not-glittery sheen to it. Truthfully, it applies lightly, which is fine with me because I rather build product than be like oh sh*t and need to remove it- especially with a highlighter. With that being said, it’s super buildable if you want to add more glow. If you’re looking for a dramatic nighttime highlight on the first application, I don’t suggest this product, it’s def more for daytime natural look than a nighttime glitzy one.

In terms of where to apply, I always swipe from my temples to the top of my cheekbones in a ‘c’ motion. If you don’t have a highlighting brush, I highly suggest getting one. If you’re a budget beauty gal, this e.l.f. highlight brush works well, but I personally love the Smashbox Precise highlighting brush. Sometimes, I highlight my brow bone with this too, it gives a subtle glow to the eyes without looking like you’re wearing anything. Either way you choose to apply it, it gives a natural glow, and I loveeeeee it!

bareMinerals Invisible Glow Highlight Powder | $28


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