Thursday’s Fab Five

This has been the longest week, ever. Teaching first grade has been the best move of my life, but oh my goshhhhh the days are tiring. I’m really looking forward to doing absolutely nothing this weekend! Until then, here are some of my current favorites from the last couple of weeks.

Mer-Sea & Co. Salt Soak, $10

You can find these luxurious bath salts in Anthropologie, and let me tell you, they’re amazing! You have three different choices of soaks, Bergamot Fleur, Coconut Sugar, & Vanilla Milk. Your bathroom will smell so amazing after using this salt soak, and you don’t need to over do it, I use just about a handful each bath. I highly suggest trying all of them! I also love the packaging, it’s a great addition to any bathroom shelf!

Ulta’s Luxe Aromatherapy Shower Tablets, $7.50

Staying on this same theme, I realize that not everyone has a bathtub! I also have these shower tablets that I use to still have that calming experience sans bathtub. I love the Eucalyptus + Sage ones- I just place one in the corner of my shower, and as it dissolves with the steam it creates a great scent. It’s not as powerful as I’d like, or as I’m used to with bath salts, but it still gets the job done. & seriously, the price is great too!

MagicBullet Nutribullet, $100

As I’ve been trying to stick to my 2019 resolutions, I’ve gotten really into using my MagicBullet in the morning for shakes. I got one for Christmas years ago but I never really used it too much, huge mistake on my part! I’ve been using it a lot lately, and it really is such an easy way to create a great healthy shake/ smoothie. & now, they even have BlueTooth and better technology in the MagicBullet to really maximize the health benefits. Macy’s is always having great sales, so I think this is a great price for a product you’d hopefully end up using daily.

La Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, $20

I wrote a post about this amazing lip mask last week, you can catch up on it here. My obsession is so over the top right now, I had to feature it here on Thursday’s Fab Five as well! If you’re looking for an amazing lip treatment to put on before bed, this is it!

Kate Spade New York Apple Watch Strap, $68

I’m thrilled I finally have an Apple watch, and of course I had to get a nice strap to go along with it! I found this Kate Spade one, and had a gift card, so it was an obvious choice. I love the color because it goes with whatever I’m wearing. The strap is also fine to work out in- I know a few of my friends have complained about their watch straps being yucky after working out- and this hasn’t happened with this one!


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