Self Care Sunday: Incorporate Daily Affirmations with the ThinkUp App

Sunday Scaries.  How many of you are feeling this way right now? Trust me, I know the feeling.  Sunday Funday only lasts for so long before you look at the time and say, oh, sh*t, tomorrow is Monday.  I’ve decided to start this Self Care Sunday series as a way to lessen those Sunday Scaries and help us all get on a track for a productive + positive week.  The first topic of the series: affirmations and the role they place in making your Self Care Sunday top notch.


There are so many ways to practice Self Care, & it’s my goal to share the ways I practice with you all, as well as learn more ways too.  So, please comment below, Tweet me, Insta DM me with all of the way you like to practice self care- or reach out if you have any questions!

One way I’ve been keeping myself focused on my mission is by incorporating daily affirmations into my routine.  The basic definition of an affirmation is emotional support & encouragement.  I’m sure you affirm your friends, and family, all the time with encouraging words and thoughts.  But, how often do you affirm yourself with those same words and thoughts?  If you take a second to think about it, you might realize, you don’t do it too much, if at all.  Luckily, I have a great tool, the ThinkUp app, that you’ll learn about below, that will help you incorporate affirmations into your daily routine!

I’m not going to lie, it took me a long time, and I mean a long time, like years, to really get into this practice.  I’d do it for a little, think it was silly, or that I just didn’t need it, and stop.  It’s hard to get into any routine and truly stick to it.  You have to really want to do something, and to be honest, I just didn’t really care about this stuff.  It wasn’t until the new year that I really started incorporating self care routines into my daily schedule, one of them being affirmations.  I’m always pumping up my friends with encouraging words and thoughts, but I realized I almost never did it with myself.  That needed to change.

In order to get on track and really incorporate this practice into my daily life, I grabbed a journal and started Googling affirmations.  I wrote them down, and told myself I’d read them daily.  Except, this didn’t really work- I had 0 direction which meant the affirmations themselves didn’t really have a purpose- so once again, I stopped caring.  Back to square one.


I kept trying, narrowed down my focus, and started to hone in on what I felt I was lacking within myself, and then built just three affirmations to focus on.  I set an alarm on my phone daily, early in the AM, to read them…three times each.  I got a little better, but would fall off every couple of weeks, only getting back on when realizing I wasn’t feeling good about something- which totally renders the point of affirmations useless.  I wasn’t concerned about using them when I was feeling good, I was only concerned about using them when I wasn’t feeling good- which totally is not the point, and won’t sustain long term self care at all.

After really holding myself accountable to practicing affirmations daily, or almost daily- because let’s get real, that’s much more realistic, we all have our off days.  To help me organize my affirmations, find new ones, and find different personal aspects to focus on, I use the ThinkUp app on my iPhone.  It’s a free app that has tons, and I mean tons, of affirmations all beautifully organized into categories.

Some of the categories are your usual positivity suspects such as gratitude, happiness, and abundance.  However, ThinkUp has a lot more categories,  that can help us boost our positive energy in certain aspects of our lives.  There are categories on healthy eating affirmations, career motivating affirmations, financial affirmations, and affirmations relating to strong & healthy relationships.  These go far beyond what one typically thinks of when they hear the word affirmation.  They’re much more focused, and therefore give way more purpose to the practice.


Once you’ve chosen a few affirmations on ThinkUp, the limit you can save is 5 if you stick to the free version (which I do)- you can actually record them so you can play them back on the app whenever you’d like.  It’s an interesting feature that I personally don’t really use, but it may be super helpful for others!  In addition to saving the affirmations through the app, I focus on writing them down in my phone (and sometimes journal) weekly, and reading them daily with an alarm reminder.  There are hundreds of different affirmations through the app, so there’s always something to explore and choose from depending on what you need at the moment.

Take this Self Care Sunday to explore the many motivating affirmations on ThinkUp.  Set a daily alarm, I prefer early in the morning to set my day up for success, to read the affirmations.  As you get into the routine you may even want to set up a midday alarm to reread them and keep ’em fresh in your mind.  Then, create a weekly, or bi-weekly Self Care Sunday schedule, to check in with yourself about the affirmations you chose, and switch out ones you’ve been feeling successful in for ones you know you’re currently struggling with.  Once you practice this routine for a few weeks, with as much fidelity you can give, I promise the practice will become so much easier and a natural way to provide yourself with that much deserved Self Care.

Ah, that was a long post, but I’ve been so into this app and all it provides, I just had to share!!  Don’t forget to share any self care / affirmation thoughts down below in the comments, or through any of my social media channels!


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