Milk Makeup’s Matcha Green Tea Toner

Okay Milk…I see you being fancy…

…and I’m loving it!!

During the last Sephora sale I purchased the Milk Matcha Toner, it’s a green stick toner that I was instantly drawn to.  Yes, this is way different than your average toner, but it’s just so cool and works so well!  Here are a few key reasons I’ve recently been reaching for this toner in the AM.

Okay first of all, it’s a solid toner, have you seen such a thing before?  I know I haven’t.  What I do know is that this cuts down on me using a cotton pad every morning to apply my toner, and that’s awesome.  I simply swipe this stick all over my face, paying special attention to my t-zone and chin area.  It feels so cooling and fresh on my skin, which is exactly what I’m looking for at 6:15am.

The ingredients in this solid toner include, obviously, matcha which will keep pores nice & detoxified.  It also includes witch hazel, which is great for keeping breakouts at bay, hence me applying all around the chin area.  Lastly, kombucha, everyone’s favorite buzz word of 2018, helps with your skin’s tone and texture.  The cactus elixir in it helps to keep skin calm and reduce redness.

Toners are such a key ingredient to your daily skin regimen, I still really love a good liquid toner, but the Milk Matcha Toner is a great alternative, and I love how travel friendly it is too.  Not only do they sell a full size, but they sell a mini too.  So, if you’re not convinced, pick up a mini and try it out.  I will def be putting this in my travel bag, and I think I’ll be keeping it in my regular skincare rotation too.

As you can tell, I’m impressed with this toner, and so far I’ve found it accompishes everything a toner needs to do.  My skin feels super fresh, redness calmed, and pores clean.

Milk Matcha Toner | $26


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