Face Mask Monday: L’Oreal Pure Clay Mask Clear & Comfort

I haven’t done a Face Mask Monday in a while, so I thought today would be the perfect day to share one of my favorite budget beauty face masks with you!  Not only is the L’Oreal Pure Clay Mask Clear & Comfort face mask inexpensive, but the texture & application process is great!

L’Oreal has been killin it with their product lineup lately.  From face & hair masks, to new exfoliating scrubs, L’Oreal has been doing an awesome job producing high quality products at a perfect price point.  This fun, blue, mask is seaweed clay based and only needs to sit for 10 minutes before washing off.  I love applying this mask right after a shower, and hangin’ in my robe for 10 minutes before needing to take it off.

My favorite part about the Clear & Comfort mask is how comfortable it is for a clay mask.  Most clay masks can be tightening, which I don’t mind, but can be kind of annoying at times.  Clay masks can also break up quickly on the skin as it dries, which isn’t cute.  This mask applies so evenly, and almost looks hydrating, as it works for impurities and even out skin tone.

This mask is geared toward stressed out skin, whether you’re experiencing a breakout or just feel dull.  After I take this mask off my skin looks brighter and more calm.  This works especially well with dulling my redness issues, which I always appreciate.  Overall, the L’Oreal Pure Clay mask line is great, especially the blue Clear & Comfort one.  I also have the others, which I’ll be sharing in upcoming weeks!

L’Oreal Pure Clay Mask Clear & Comfort | $10


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