Londontown Nail Care + Summer ’18 Polish

If you know me, then you know I’m obsessed with nail polish.  I have a great polish wall filled with all sorts of amazing brands + colors.  One new brand that I’ve added to my collection is Londontown, a great vegan and cruelty free brand featuring botanical and mineral oils as ingredients.  They sent over a great package for me, and I’ve really been able to explore the brand and the awesome products they make!

First, let’s start out with nail care.  The health of your nails will help any mani last just a bit longer.  I have acrylic nails, which I get refilled every two weeks, but when I decided to take a break from them last year, I hunted for a great nail strengthener.  The ingredients in Londontown’s Nail Hardener & Base Coat will help you build a great base for your manicure.  The Kur on top of all their nail care products signifies the brand blend of natural ingredients & botanical blends.  Doesn’t botanical blends just sound amazing?!  Since I haven’t needed to use a nail hardener/ base coat since getting my acrylics back, I’m going to pass it along to a friend that can use it, and I’ll report back on what she thinks!

The two other nail care products Londontown sent over, the Gel Genius Top Coat and the Nourishing Cuticle Oil, I can certainly vouch for.  These are two great products that I’ve used multiple times already!  The Gel Genius Top Coat goes on top of your color and gives nails a great shine and finish- I’ve brought it to my salon twice, and even the nail techs have commented on the quality.

Since I get acrylics I don’t have any cuticle work done on my nails at the salon.  I hate my cuticles with a passion, and when I’m stressed out I can be gross and decide to give myself my own little cuticle clean up that always ends up a disaster.  Cuticle oil is key, not only is great as an extra quick dry for polish, but it will nourish your cuticles and keep them clean and neat looking.  Again, the Londontown botanical and mineral oil combo in their Nourishing Cuticle Oil is what makes this cuticle oil more unique than others.  I.  Love.  It.  You can apply it daily, I prefer to apply at night since I wash my hands a lot through the day, and that can be drying- so it’s like a little overnight treatment.  I’ve also been keeping it in my purse at times so I can use a bit whenever I think I need it.  Double bonus, not only can you use the application brush, but it also comes with a dropper too if you like that better!

Now that you know I love the Londontown nail care, let’s move on to the nail colors!  The brand sent me over four great colors from the Summer 2018 line.

The first two I’ll mention I haven’t actually used yet, but will the next time I step into my salon.  Briolette & Opal are gorgeous lilac-y colors.  Briolette is luminous and has gorgeous hues of lilac with the light.  Opal ups the glitz factor, and I think I’m going to use this color as a party nail when I get the mani done with Briolette.  Both colors work with any look, not too bold, super classy looking.

Briolette | From:
Opal | From:

The last two colors I have used, and as you can see, one is on my nails right now.  The first one I used a few weeks ago was Peach Pop.  I love, love, love, all peach nail colors, so this one fit right in to what I was looking for at the moment.

Peach Pop | From:

The last on the polish is great too, I used the Londontown Gel Genius Top Coat and all was well, my nails looked great for about 3 weeks.  Right now I have the beautiful punchy pink, Summer Fling, on my nails.  It’s bold, and perfect for the beginning of August when we’re winding down on our summertime lives.

Summer Fling | From:

Londontown’s gorgeous vegan polishes have tons of color options no matter what your taste is.  You can find Londontown in Anthropologie, Neiman Marcus, HSN, and at some local spas in your area (search for them here).  I’m really looking forward to seeing their Fall 2018 colors, I’m sure they’ll be beautiful!


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