Remay Glide & Shave Gel Bar

I’m super pumped to be going to Naples, Florida for a few days during my spring break.  A few teachers, off work for a week, at the pool…could get pretty wild & I cannot wait.

One thing I know I’ll need to bring if I’m going to be lounging around poolside is my Remay Glide & Shave Gel Bar, which I’ve become obsessed with.  As women, shaving our legs can be super annoying, especially if you choose to use shaving cream.  It gets all over, is messy, hard to apply while trying to shave, the list goes on.  I typically use shower gel, but I hate using so much product like that, and I realize it’s not moisturizing my legs the way they need to be after shaving.

When Remay reached out to my about trying their Glide & Shave Gel Bar, I thought…duh this concept makes complete sense…why haven’t I used this before?!  I quickly realized how great this product was, it was so easy to apply the gel bar with one hand, and then shave with the other.  No cumbersome moving around & no product getting everywhere around me…amazing.

The vegan & cruelty- free Remay Glide & Shave Gel Bar contains coconut and tea tree oil, which is the best of both worlds.  The coconut oil keeps you super hydrated, which we all know can be a major issue with shaving.  & the tea tree oil will help prevent any razor burn from occurring, which is crucial for bikini line shaving.  In keeping with most beauty products these days, the Glide & Shave Gel Bar is also sulfate and paraben free.

In terms of usage, I’ve been using my Gel Bar a few times a week and I still have so much product left after a month.  I’ve read that it lasts for about three months if you use it 2-3x per week, but honestly I think I can make it last a bit longer.

If you live a busy life like me, don’t waste time shaving, make the switch to a Remay Glide & Shave Gel Bar, trust me, it’s more than worth it.  You’ll be able to shave quickly without needing to worry about any nicks or burn, sensitive skin ladies rejoice!  Your legs and your razor will love you for making the switch to Remay, so check out these fabulous Gel Bars, here!!

PS: I know my blog is women focused, but the Gel Bar is great for men to use too!! =)

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