Life Update: Moving

February has gone by so quickly.  I’m looking at the calendar right now, and I cannot believe there’s only 8 more days left in this month.  February has been super hectic for me, from teaching to kinda, half way unexpectedly, moving.

Life can be pretty crazy, almost all the time, but I really wasn’t expecting needing to move in a three week time period.  At first it was super overwhelming, but then Rob & I found a renovated townhouse in D.C…. finally, we’re officially in the city.  No more rush hour traffic for me, my school is just over a 5 minute drive away.  It’s seriously amazing.

Living in Arlington, VA was great; D.C. was right over the bridge, and we had plenty of great shopping & restaurants where we lived…but it still wasn’t the city.  So, I am more than thrilled that we are finally in the nation’s capital, living in a much larger place!  & Leo (our dog) is extra excited- he now has a fenced in backyard, where he can run to his heart’s content.  We’ve settled right in, and have 98% unpacked, I wanted this turnaround to be as quick as possible, and I def think we accomplished that.

Aside from all of the moving stuff, I still need to teach everyday, so I’ve had a lot on my plate.  Luckily, I go to Disney World this Thursday with Mom & best friend’s family…I’m anxiously awaiting a much needed vacation!!  There have been times the last few weeks where I really was beyond stressed…understandable, right??  This blog post by one of my favorite bloggers, Paula, of Thirteen Thoughts, really helped me the other day when we got into the new house and I was beyond exhausted.  If you’re ever feeling burnt out, I highly advise you read this post for some motivation: Overcoming a Burnout.

I’ll be doing some writing on the plan this Thursday, so expect some new content next week!  I’ll also be highlighting my Disney trip, and sharing some tips on how to navigate the most magical place on earth…I consider myself a Disney pro to a certain degree. 😉

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