Budget Beauty: Soap & Glory T-Zone Detox Scrub

If you’re looking for a great, budget friendly, exfoliant to use in this winter weather, then pay attention to my thoughts on the Soap & Glory T-Zone Detox Scrub!

When I first purchased this product I honestly did not read the entire front of the packaging.  I thought this was an all over exfoliant for the face.  However, upon closer inspection I noticed it’s really geared more toward specific problem areas, case in point on the packaging, your nose area and/or T-Zone area.  Also, the second you feel the product, with the formula and texture of the scrub, you can tell that it might not be the best for all over your face.
The grains of this exfoliant are large, not tiny and fine, like most other exfoliants I’m drawn to.  Since the grains are large, which can be a lot for most skin types, I suggest using this just once a week.  With that being said though, I’ve found this product does an amazing job in my T-Zone, and around my chin where I often have hormonal breakouts.  Since using this product over the summer, I have not had one hormonal break out.  I’m always trying new products, so I can’t fully say it’s this product that has managed the routine hormonal breakout so well, but I have a huge feeling it is.  I’ve been very consistent with using the T-Zone Scrub weekly, and I love how fresh and clean my skin feels after each use.
Despite how consistent I am with my skincare routine, I always notice how much blackhead extraction work my esthetician needs to do when I get a facial.  It’s so frustrating because I take my skincare routine so seriously!! Well, last month when I got a facial, she barely had to do any extractions.  When I say this is the first time this has happened during a facial…I’m telling you…it’s the first time this has happened.  I can 100% credit the Soap & Glory T-Zone Detox Scrub with handling any and almost all blackheads my skin may be experiencing.  I was so, so, happy!
Next time you’re in Target, pick up the Soap & Glory T-Zone Detox Scrub, it’s an awesome weekly treatment to use to help keep blackheads and oily spots under control.  & seriously, the price point is amazing too!
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