Thursday’s Fab Five

Happy Thursday, everyone!

I’ll be sharing Christmas gifts I received in my next few Thursday’s Fab Five posts, rather than doing a gift haul.  I figure this gives me more space to talk about each product!

Rabbit Wine Preserver with Two Vacuum Stops, $14

Full disclosure: I took this from my Mom’s gift pile from work.  I feel like I’ll actually use it & get way more use out of it than she will…thanks, Mom!  I’ve already used this a few times, and it does keep wine fresh & crisp.  I know this will especially come in handy when using with red wine, since Rob drinks it intermittently, and I don’t drink it at all really…so, more to come, but it works well and is super easy to use!

Alex & Ani ‘Love is All You Need’ Charm Bracelet, $38

My precious pups, Cheyenne, Sarge, & Leo got me this for Christmas.  I’ve already worn it several times, obviously.  & I always think about how much I love my dogs when I look down & see it.  I have it in silver, which means it easily goes with everything and is a perfect teacher work day bracelet.

Anthropologie Agate Cheese Board, $78

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH.  I have it in the center of my counter, with a candle on top, so it can be out and displayed every day!  The rose quartz is by far the best color, in my humble opinion, it’s such a chic statement piece for any kitchen or dining area.  I saw this in Anthro one day and mentioned how beautiful I thought it was, I was so happy to see it under the tree Christmas morning!

Trader Joe’s Lip Treatment Duo, $4

This was a seasonal product, but I am sure some stores are still carrying it!  The Trader Joe’s lip balm + scrub is at the perfect price point, and contains jojoba, olive, and macadamia oil to keep lips smooth and hydrated.  I’ve reached for this several times since the holidays, as the weather has been unkind to skin, especially lips!

Anthropologie ‘Quotes’ 2018 Calendar, $26

Each year I receive a gorgeous calendar from Anthro, I always looks forward to it!  They’re usually made by Rifle & Co., all of their products are beautiful, but the prints for the calendar are especially gorgeous.  I’ve actually kept all of my past calendars, cut off the bottom where the dates are, and keep the prints- I’ve even had some framed!

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