Lancome Tonique Pur Focus Matifying Purifying Toner

2018 is finally here, good riddance 2017.

I’m trying to not freak out so much about it being a new year, I’m hoping that acting chill and going with the flow will produce the same results, if not more, than going crazy and ranting about doing x, y, & z in 2018.

Yes, I have some goals and bucket list items, but I’m not losing my mind over it.  My one big ticket 2018 to do item, is to stay super organized with my time, and with my life.  I wrote about this last week in 3 Ways to Keep 2018 Organized, so check it out if you haven’t already!

On a beauty note, the Lancome Tonique Pure Focus Toner is my first empty of the year!  I’d used this toner a lot in the AM during my skincare routine, but I mostly used it before doing any type of heavy/ all day or night makeup look.  The Lancome Tonique Pure Focus is a matifying toner, and since I tend to get shiny after a while I wanted to prep my skin well with this toner before doing a big makeup look.

The price tag is a little steep for a toner, $26, but I promise you, if you have oily skin this is a huge lifesaver as a makeup primer before the primer- my makeup ladies, I know that made sense to you.  I didn’t want to make this product one of my daily toners because, I was worried I would run out quick, and I considered this one of my more luxury products in my rotation.  So, I used it on days when I knew I wouldn’t be getting home from work until 12 hours later, or on weekend nights, or bunch mornings, when I was wearing more makeup than the norm.

The zinc gluconate in this product is the milky looking ingredient, that you need to shake up before applying to a cotton ball.  This helps to minimize your skin from creating excess sebum, & keeps your pores shrunk and matte looking throughout the day.  Zinc gluconate is a great ingredient to help with acne, so if annoying breakouts, especially hormonal like mine, are on the horizon, you want this ingredient to help stop it in its tracks.

Some other pros about this toner…it won’t leave you feeling dry which is a common occurrence with matifying toners, it’s very gently, and it helps improve skin texture and balance.  Double bonus, the updated version, since I purchased it a while back, now has white clay, which makes me want to repurchase this product right now!

If you’re looking for an awesome matifying toner, especially one to use before you do a big makeup look, then this is the toner for you.  Don’t let the price deter you, we will need a little luxury once in a while!

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