3 Ways to Keep 2018 Organized

I’m shocked by how quickly 2017 came and went, and to be honest, I’m so glad it’s over in just a few days.  I’ve been reflecting on my 2017 and let me say, it was def not the greatest for me.  So, with that being said, I am 100% ready to embrace and take on 2018!
I feel some of the biggest resolutions people have in the new year, aside from eating healthy and working out more, revolve around staying “more” organized, whatever that might mean.  For me, it’s relatively easy to stay organized, but I do get into a rut sometimes.  Staying organized encompasses a lot of our daily life, whether it’s staying organized in how you keep your plans, how you approach work, keeping your home clean, etc., it’s not always easy to keep it all running smoothly, all of the time.
Today I’m sharing three easy to implement ways to stay organized, they’re all connected through planning out your day as much as possible.  This thought can seem daunting at times, but, at least I find, it truly helps me stay grounded and most important, productive!

1. Keep a Planner, and Write Everything in it
I know keeping everything in your iCal is suer convenient, and I use my iCal just as much as using my actual planner.  However, maybe this is just me, but I remember far more when I actually write it down, versus just typing, or even worse for me, simply clicking a button to add something, into my iCal.
Whenever I forget something I said I would do, 100% of the time I forgot because I didn’t literally write it down.  I know some people have multiple planners, one for work and one for personal, but since I’m a teacher and my schedule is roughly the same each week, I only have one planner, that I put everything in.

The most difficult part of starting a planner can be picking the one that’s best for you- having a planner is, I guess you would say, kinda trendy these days.  I’ve used almost every time of planner there is since college, and I’ve loved them all for different reasons.  Some require actual work to use, think goal setting, etc., while others are more simple and “easier” to use I guess you’d say.
Right now I’m currently planning with the Day Designer Monthly/ Weekly Planner from Target.  I’ve noticed they changed the layout a bit from last year’s, I personally like the previous version better, I’ll need to go in store to check out the 2018 version a bit closer.
Barnes & Noble also has great planners, by Punctuate.  They’re nowhere near as detailed, so if you take planning seriously like me, it might not give you all you’re looking for, but if you’re new to the planning game, or don’t feel the need to have daily goals, to-do lists, etc., this would be totally perfect for you!
2.  Schedule, Schedule, Schedule
In a healthy way
This can be annoying at times, and I’m certainly not the best at this, but I’m going to try extra hard for 2018.  Schedule everything in your life…in pencil.  & by everything I mean, everything.
Schedule your workouts, schedule your at-home meals for the week, and don’t be pissed at yourself if you decided to order SweetGreen one night instead.  Designate a certain day each month to review your finances, designate each day of the week to clean an area of your home.  & if you really want to be extra, schedule when you plan on reading that book that’s been on your list for months, the one that you just never seem to have time to stop and read.  Seeing it written down, or having it pop up on your iPhone will help remind you to actually stop and do something you want to do for a change.
Work on creating a solid routine, that allows for change, but still has that foundation to help you stay grounded and focus on what you need to focus on.
3.  Recognize & Savor YOU Time
I know I just spoke so much about scheduling yourself for every little thing possible, but I promise it will seriously help you stay organized and accomplish more goals: personal goals, financial goals, and maybe even career goals.  As you get into a routine of living a healthily scheduled life, you’ll realize that you actually have more time than you thought for you.
If you schedule at- home chores from 9:30- 11:00am each Saturday morning, you’ll have time to schedule a bi-weekly pedi at noon.  If you go food shopping every Sunday afternoon, you’ll have extra minutes during the week, not spent running into the grocery store, to read a magazine or simply relax at home with your favorite candle lit.
Keeping a somewhat tight routine will help you make better health and financial choices, along with giving you a better peace of mind overall.  This doesn’t work for everyone, and of course some weeks will be out of control off the schedule…whatever, that’s allowed, but if you have a foundation where everything falls into place, you’ll be so much more productive and happy!!
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