Recipe Wednesday: Gifts for the Chef in Your Life

If you’re anything like me, you love to cook!  I’m much more of a chef than a baker, so I’m always looking for new kitchen gadgets to add to my collection.  The best part about most cooking & baking things is that you can find them at a reasonable price point!
Check out some of the helpful kitchen tools I think any chef would love this holiday season!
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Kitchen Gadget Gift Ideas


Right now this is on sale from $15 during the Macy’s Cyber Week Special!  I cook with fresh herbs all the time, and I have no idea why I don’t have one of these super helpful gadgets yet.  This product doesn’t have any reviews, but I’ve had great luck with Martha Stewart products.  This will make any herb lovers life much, much, easier.  If you have a Macy’s credit card, and Macy Star Passes, you can save an additional $2.25 and get free shipping.
Marked down from $17, plus save an additional $2.50 off the $9.99 if you have a Star Pass, the garlic zoom makes chopping up fresh garlic much easier.  I usually use my veggie chopper but it’s too big just garlic cloves and ends up being annoying to clean afterwards when I use it for something so little.
Perfect for a baker, such a genius little tool to help make sure all your meringue are exquisite.  I hate trying so hard to not get yolk in egg whites only to have the tiniest bit get through and ruin what I’m making!
Not necessarily for a chef but…this Nespresso is on sale from $440, and you get 4% cash back on Ebates through Bloomingdales too!  Ms. Claus, aka my wonderful mother, bought me a Nespresso for Christmas last year and O.M.G. it has changed my life.  I used to get Starbucks or Dunkin almost every morning, but now I can make all my craft lattes right in my own kitchen.  I don’t have this exact model, but I do have the frother on mine, and it is wonderful.  The price for this model can’t be beat, so hurry up and get a coffee lover this amazing Nespresso!
Sur La Table
Free Shipping Over $49 with code FREESHIP
Think of all the yummy soups that could be made in this!!  I think the finish on this is beautiful, it’s even nice as an accent piece on the stove.  I love cast iron pots, especially if I’m making a great soup and I’m having people over, it’s so easy to use it as a serving dish too.  PS: This pot retails for almost $400, so paying $100 is a steal!
We all know how popular zucchini noodles are these days, I think this cookbook is super cute and will give any at home chef some new ideas on how to spiralize their fruits & veggies!
OXO is a reputable brand, and seeing that I suggested a spiralizer cookbook above, make sure that chef you get the book for also has a reliable spiralizer at home!  I have a handheld one, and let me tell you, it’s just not cutting it anymore.  I have a KitchenAid mixer that I want to buy the spiralizer attachment for, but if you’re unsure if someone has that, stick to the tabletop spiralizer, it works just as well!
Bed, Bath, & Beyond
Free Shipping Over $29 
If you have a Chop’t salad restaurant near you then you know exactly how delightful a chopped salad can be!  This is something I wouldn’t pick up for myself, but I would love as a gift since I do make a lot of salads at home.  I think it adds a little something extra for when you make your daily work lunch salad.
For $20 this is a great gift for anybody!  I love the ombre grey of the bowls, and who doesn’t need some extra mixing bowls in their life- especially when they’re so pretty to look at!
If someone is cooking in the kitchen often, chances are their utensil’s are pretty worn.  This 17-piece set is awesome, it covers anything a home chef would need, and the fact that it comes in the crock makes it that much easier!
Do you have a chef in your life that you need to buy a holiday gift for?!  Tweet me your kitchen gift ideas at @elizabethmayce!
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