Recipe Wednesday: Taco Tuesday Chicken + Avo-Corn Salsa

Okay, okay, I know, I’m sharing a Taco Tuesday recipe on a Wednesday…
…but really this recipe could work any day of the week, obviously, & I think it would be particularly spectacular on Football Sunday while watching your team.

This recipe is originally from Chelsea’s Messy Apron, but I put my own flair on it…and literally just used what I already had in my fridge.  I didn’t go shopping for anything in this delicious recipe, I was honestly just trying to use some things up and remembered the original recipe I had seen.  That avocado- corn salsa…omg yum.

This dinner took me about 30 minutes to make, if not less.  It was so easy & super yummy…a perfect weeknight meal, or a great option for a large group with short prep time.
+ Chicken breasts or tenders
I used tenders because I already had them in my fridge.  You can honestly use whatever chicken is your favorite!
+ Taco seasoning
I really enjoy making my own taco seasoning, but I’m desperately trying to use up the ridiculously large McCormick Taco Seasoning mix I bought at Costco.
+ 2 avocados
+1 can of yellow corn
I used Trader Joe’s Whole Kerneled Corn, it’s non-GMO!

+1 Tablespoon butter or olive oil
Both for the pan of chicken and the corn
+ Olive oil, sea salt, black pepper, red pepper flakes

+ Optional: tomatoes & red onion

I started by washing off the chicken, of course, throwing it in a bowl, and dumping taco seasoning all over it.  Super easy & quick.  Sidenote: I also made a box of yellow rice, my favorite is Goya, & that took about 25m to cook.

While I cooked the chicken I warmed up the corn, and added a little bit of butter, I guess I could’ve used olive oil to be healthier, but I opted to be unhealthy that night.  #oops.  I also cubed the avocado, and sliced the tomatoes.

Once I cubed the avocado I added it into the corn, threw in some sea salt and black pepper and boom it was done.  I wish I had had a red onion on hand, it would’ve been a nice touch and additional flavor, but I just didn’t have any onion in my refrigerator at that moment!

I love cooking with the chicken tenders because they cook so quickly, they took about 12 minutes to cook, and then boom, I fluffed up the rice, & dinner was served!  The chicken was so delish & smelled incredible the entire time it was cooking.  I LOVE TACO SEASONING!! & honestly, while I love making my own, I sometimes like to just have it pre-done for me…which makes me think…why am I not just pre-making my own to always have on hand?!

The avocado- corn salsa was super yummy, I loved the extra kick of the red pepper flakes.  If you’re not a meat eater, this could be great on its own with tomato & onion thrown into the mix.


If you’re looking for a quick meal on a Taco Tuesday, look no further than this recipe!!  The ingredients are simple, and with little prep time it’s perfect if you end up having a hectic evening.

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