Thursday’s Fab Five

Happy Thursday!!
March is a long month for teachers, there are no days off, and we’re just counting down the seconds until Spring Break in April.  I’ve been using this month to get into some more routines, get through some products I’ve been ignoring, & catch up on some favorite shows.  Here are some things I’ve been loving through this end of March!

Thursday's Fab Five

I bought this organizer in the beginning of the month, but didn’t find time to fill it until just this week.  Awful, I know.   I love this three piece set, it fits most of my lip products, blushes, concealers, and single shadows.  You won’t be able to fit any palettes in these drawers- but that’s okay with me, I have my eye on some cute palette organizers anyway.  The price point is perfect, and so far the quality is great too.  If you’re looking for an acrylic organizer, which can sometimes cost a pretty penny, this one is the perfect price!
This blush is one of my favorites, and I’m going to have a more detailed review of this, and some more favorites, soon!  Hourglass makes incredible products, I have a few of their blushes, but the Golden Fuchsia is one I (and my Mom) have repurchased.  They aren’t cheap, but the lighting effects of the blush, particulary with this color, are incredible.  I’ve gotten many compliments on this blush when I’m wearing it, and I wear this everyday to work- the slight golden shimmer allows me to skip a highlight for the workday. 
I had 5 or 6 samples of this product that for some reason I was saving…?  Anyway, I used up the last sample on Monday, and I really enjoyed using this product!! First of all, the consistency was much different than any other eye cream I’ve used, it reminded me of the consistency of Benefit’s POREfessional Primer, not too “lotion” like but also not “gel” like either.  The purpose of this product is to combat under-eye bags and dark circles.  Seeing that I’ve been non-stop this entire month, I probably should have some bags under my eyes, but I don’t, and I’m crediting this product for that. 
I love this mortar & pestle and use it weekly for my homemade guacamole.  It has a classic look and is super heavy but I loveeeeee using it each time I make my guac or when I’m crushing peppercorns for a meal.  It’s a little awkward to fit in the dishwasher, but I make it work, I find this is easier than handwashing it because of the texture of the bowl. 
Big Little Lies on HBO
I WAS OBSESSED WITH THIS BOOK, like, years ago when it first came out!!  It’s a murder mystery mixed with real life issues some women face daily, oh yeah, and a little bit of Mom drama.  I was on the fence when I learned this great book was being made into a series, but as soon as I watched the first episode, I was hooked.  It truly does stick to the book, which I really appreciate, and because they’ve done this so well, I almost like it a tad more than the book!!  If you haven’t read Big Little Lies, I highly suggest it, it’s an excellent beach read or, for me, a great at home Spa Sunday type of book.

Let me know what you’ve been loving during the month of March, in the comments below!!

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