Top 5 Cleansers for Combination / Oily Skin

A great cleanser is the foundation for #skingoals.  I’m a huge believer in toners and serums, but honestly, they can’t get the job done unless your skin is prepped by a great cleanser.  I’ve used tons of cleansers over the years ranging from drugstore to high end, all targeted toward my skin type, combination to oily. 
Today, I’m sharing my Top 5 Cleansers, in 5 sentences or less, for skin types just like mine…sometimes oily, sometimes more combination.  I take my skincare routine seriously, and as I said above, I know that both in the morning and evening my cleanser is prepping my skin for the rest of my routine.
Top 5 Face Cleansers

This is one of my all time favorite cleansers, although I haven’t purchased it in a long time, since I’m trying to use up the 500 other cleansers I have!  I’ve loved using this with my Clarisonic, although it is just as great without a device if you don’t have one.  This face wash is perfect when experiencing a breakout, the clean feeling it gives is squeaky, which can lead you to think it’s drying, but it isn’t.  I know it combats any unnecessary oiliness I’m experiencing, and therefore sets me up perfectly in the morning before applying makeup.  If you’re acne-prone this is the perfect cleanser for you!
I will always have this somewhere in my home, and always bring a mini when I travel.  This product truly is the best all in one cleanser out there, and I’ve been using it for literally 8+ years.  Aside from the fact that it removes makeup, cleanses, tones, and hydrates, it also is super gentle and deep cleans pores.  I love to travel with Purity Made Simple because it does the job of both makeup removing and cleansing where I know I don’t need to bring extra products.  Also, it’s a great brush cleanser!!
This is a smaller skincare brand, but I cannot begin to tell you how much I miss using this cleanser when I had it.  This face wash has menthol, willow bark extract, and marshmallow extract, and it is the absolutely perfect cleanser if you have oily or acne prone skin.  The menthol and willow bark create a not too intense tingly feeling, you can actually feel the ingredients go to work while you’re cleansing, which is why it is one of my favorites.  The chances of anybody being familiar with this brand is slim, but trust me when I say, this Lytic Gel Cleanser is a great product, and I noticed improved texture in my skin when I used it! 
This is a Fresh cult classic for sure because it is perfect for all, yes all, skin types- & not only is perfect for all skin types, it’s perfect for all skin ages.  I use this cleanser regularly, and so does my Mom, and we both keep repurchasing because it is really just that great.  I like to use this at night, after I remove all my makeup, the gentleness of it is great after wearing makeup all day long.  The soy proteins help with skin elasticity while rosewater and cucumber extract help promote a balanced and calm skin tone.
The ultimate budget friendly cleanser, this Neutrogena product deep cleans by removing dead skin cells and purifying pores with beta hydroxy.  This face wash is more on the moisturizing side, so I have used it mostly in the winter when I do experience the occasional dryness.  Do not use this to remove makeup because it won’t work out too well, I suggest using this after you have throughly remove makeup or in the morning to prep your skin for the day. 
I’m always looking to add new cleansers to my beauty closet, even though I have so many to go through! What are some of your go to cleansers??  Leave me a comment below, and share your favorites.

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