What Blogging Has Taught Me: LLB’s 6th Birthday!

I cannot believe today marks 6 years from starting Love. Life. Beauty.  
I started this blog my junior year in college, thinking it would be just for fun- I also thought it would totally tank.  I didn’t tell my friends or family for the longest time that I had started this…I was nervous that people would think I was joining in on the blogger fad and wouldn’t really care.  I thought that if I did fail at this endeavor, everyone who I told would think less of me…people would know I “failed” at something…and the thought of that freaked me out. 

The truth is, while I’m not as big as some other beauty & lifestyle bloggers, I have done quite well.  Paid sponsorships, affiliate earnings, and product reviews aside…I have truly enjoyed running Love. Life. Beauty. and I’ve loved the fun opportunities this little blog has given me.  I’ve been able to try out new products from my favorite brands, and share my thoughts with my readers, but I’ve also been able to branch out and work with quite a few lesser known brands that truly have great products.
Blogging has also allowed me to connect with some great D.C. businesses, and the ability to attend unique events to this city.  It’s been great to get to know new people, see all of what D.C. has to offer, and then, the best part, sharing it with all of you!! 
Blogging isn’t easy, it’s time consuming and it’s been so easy for me to get off track.  The truth is, I know Love. Life. Beauty. would be so much more if I just put more time into it.  Teaching in D.C. is my full time job, and let me tell you, sometimes it feels like that job alone is about 3 jobs put together.  So, inevitably, blogging takes a back seat when classroom stuff is heavy.  Nonetheless, I know I can always jump right back in and come up with some new content, talking about my new favorite products, or sharing a recent recipe.  
I have a lot of goals for Love. Life. Beauty. and while I’m still refining how to accomplish them all with my schedule, I’m so proud of where I’m headed.  I really do grow each day, and that’s been amazing to see through the years. 
I’m always learning and I’ve been trying to put in a little more each day…it’s really hard sometimes, but I know if I can make it this far, then I can go all the way with this little side hustle I got goin’ on.

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