Recipe Wednesday: Chicken Thighs in a Creamy Dill Sauce

It took Rob & I all of about 2 minutes to decide to make this after searching through some similar Pinterest recipes on Sunday evening.  This dish was so easy to put together and clean up was a breeze too.  The leftovers the next day tasted great too…I must say, this is a new favorite of mine!


Chicken Thighs
Chicken Broth 
I like to use the low sodium version. I probably used about 2 cups of broth, but it depends on how much sauce you want 
Sour Cream
Use the light sour cream, it tastes the exact same…I used 3 tablespoons
Pepper, onion powder, garlic powder
To season the chicken thighs 
Minced Garlic & Fresh Dill
Whichever are your favorite!
Fresh lemon or juice, it doesn’t really matter but I personally like to keep an endless supply of lemons on the counter 
Corn Starch or Flour
Whichever you prefer to thicken the sauce with, I used about 2 teaspoons of corn starch 
I started out by seasoning the chicken thighs with pepper, onion powder, and garlic powder.  Do you notice what I left out?  Salt. You don’t really need it since the chicken will be baking in the chicken broth and even the less sodium broth has enough sodium.
After I seasoned the chicken I turned the oven to 375, which gave me the perfect amount of time to whip up the sauce.  I heated up about 2 cups of chicken broth and heavily seasoned it with minced garlic, the fresh dill, pepper, and onion powder.  
I let it simmer for a minute and added in juice from an entire lemon, and then 3 tablespoons of sour cream.  It began to thicken the slightest bit, but not as much as we like it, so I slowly added in corn starch and whisked.  I used about two teaspoons, probably a little less.  It really just depends on how you like your sauces.
After a quick taste-test the sauce was perfect, so I topped the chicken with fresh mushrooms in the baking dish, and then poured the sauce all over it.  I popped it in the over for 25 minutes, I was so careful not to overcook it…so I did check on it a lot while I cleaned around the kitchen.  
Wild rice & a side salad make this easy meal complete.
When I took it out, the smell was amazing, the scent of the lemon and the dill was so great through the apartment.  Not only was this dish super yummy, the clean up was ridiculously easy and quick, and making such a large serving allowed us both to take leftovers to work the next day.  Also, overall it’s not an unhealthy dish as long as your substituting certain ingredients for their slightly healthier counterparts. 
I hope you’re enjoying your Wednesday! 

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