What the Women’s March on Washington Taught Me

This past weekend was a lot of things, to say the least.  This past weekend was emotionally taxing, unsettling, disconcerting, and frightening.  This past weekend was hopeful, spirited, inspiring, and anticipative.  This past weekend was a celebration for few, and a call to action of many…told ya this past weekend was a lot of things.
So now here we are…what do we do next?

Being a college freshman in 2009, when President Barack Obama was inaugurated, was incredible.  Being a college freshman in 2009, when President Barack Obama was inaugurated, was even more incredible because I was going to school in D.C., and sat on the freezing cold hard ground of the National Mall at 3:30am inauguration morning. My boyfriend & best friends came to D.C., and we huddled around to watch history, a great form of history.  Our country was making strides electing an African American & the slogan Yes We Can truly had the intentions of continuing to make America great again.  It was an inspiring time that ultimately led to healthcare for Americans who could not afford it, student debt relief, healthier mindsets for our nation’s children, marriage equality, and allowed children of immigrants to live the life their parents dreamed them to, without the fear of deportation.  
Were their mistakes along the way?  Yes, of course there were, our economy suffered at times, people became displeased with how their healthcare they had changed, and the promise of all troops being pulled from Iraq/ Afghanistan didn’t necessarily happen the way Americans thought.  President Obama was not perfect.  But, he also wasn’t discriminatory, homophobic, misogynistic, racist, or…a cyber-bully.
Attending Saturday’s Women’s March on Washington was unlike any experience I’ve ever had.  It was a call to action to stand up for whoever you are as a human being.  & for everyone who truly believes this was just a march about supporting Planned Parenthood and a woman’s right to choose…you’re misled.  The Women’s March on Washington had an energy I’ve never felt before, it was honestly captivating.  No matter what one was there to support with signage and chants, everyone was there to spread love and acceptance…two things that will surely make America great again.

Now that this past weekend is over, we need to look to what is to come.  As I viewed the new White House website I couldn’t help but to notice some inconsistencies, and after “fact checking” through multiple sources I see that there are assertions on the site that simply aren’t true…which I find interesting to say the least.  Nonetheless, I’m still going to try my best to be positive and hopeful in the time of this new President.  
My feeling is, there has to be a middle ground somewhere…there needs to be a middle ground, right?  That’s what I’m focusing on…where that middle ground is, and how to foster it from staying strong while our country is so polarized at this time.  For me, that’s teaching my 3rd graders what kindness is, and how to spread it.  It’s about teaching them, and even my own friends, about a growth mindset and how we can practice positivity each and every day, no matter what the headlines, or Twitter, says.  Could things get rough, yes, absolutely, & I’m honestly not sure about my personal course of action if they do.  That’s something I, and we all, should think about while we do our best to deepen our practice of positivity and understanding about the goals of this new administration.
So, again, what do we do next?

I don’t feel I would be a good citizen if I did not seriously increase proactivity in helping out in the community by standing up for my rights, and the rights of others, when I know they are being compromised.  The new office our country has should be the motivation we all need to do a little more for others.  That could be anywhere from volunteering in your local school or community shelter to taking time out on a weeknight, in the comfort of your own home, to educate yourself about a social issue you might not know much about.  
These seemingly little things help shape our culture as human beings & you will be pleasantly surprised by the result.

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