2017 Vision & Goals

Happy New Year, beauties! 

I hope each and every one of you had an awesome & relaxing holiday season.  I know the holidays are always a busy time.  For me personally between all of the holiday events and wrapping up teaching before the winter break, it felt like forever before I could stop, relax, and enjoy being home in New Jersey with my friends & family.

Unfortunately, per usual, blogging takes a back seat when it comes to all of those other things going on in my life.  Not because I don’t care, but seeing that Love. Life. Beauty. isn’t my full time job, sometimes my direction just gets lost.  This is something I really want to work on in this new year, I want blogging to be more than just my side hobby.  I’m really good with time management in my personal and teaching life, but in my blogging life, I’m terrible at it!! Ugh, it’s so embarrassing & drives me crazy.  I guess because I’m responsible for the 3rd grade mathematical success of 48 kids I just naturally devote all my time to that part of my life, but I also need to recognize how much this blogging part of my life also makes me happy and fulfilled. 
I made a Pinterest 2017 Vision Board (check it out!) to help keep me on track this year for all my goals: personal and professional.  I’ve been adding new pins each day that resonate with me and where I’m headed in 2017.  I even have a phone alarm set daily to remind me to give it a glance, even if I look at it for under a minute, I can keep these quotes and “happy pictures” fresh in my mind.  I’m hoping I can continue to add more pins through the year, and track how it’s helped me be more focused and directed on my personal goals & visions. 
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