Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

Happy Thanksgiving Eve, everyone!
I’m excited to drive up to Jersey this afternoon after work.  Yes, DC Public Schools has school the day before Thanksgiving…so annoying.  Traffic will be bad but I’ll have good music, my dog, oh, and the turkey, with me.
I cannot wait for Black Friday shopping, but this year I’m also keeping in mind how important Small Business Saturday is.  Small businesses are a cornerstone of our country, and I want to support these shops all I can.  So, I’m taking the pledge to do a majority of my shopping through small businesses this holiday season.  In D.C. and Northern Virginia there are a ton of small business shops, restaurants, etc.  I’ll be in Jersey on Saturday this year, and I plan on scoping out the Princeton area for some cute shops and cafes I can support on this day.
You’ll never know what great local businesses are around if you don’t explore a little, so take the time this Small Business Saturday to do just that!  

Have a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving with friends & family.  Even when life is tough, we all have a lot to be thankful for! 

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