Sunday Things: Halloween Housewarming Party

I cannot believe it’s October 30th.  
November is right around the corner!  
Matter of fact, 2017 is right around the corner, AH!
As a teacher, and unfortunately only part-time beauty blogger, life seems to just be whizzing by.  The amount of work I need to do on a daily basis to be considered a “good” teacher leaves me little time to just sit and reflect on my profession, blogging side hustle, & oh, life too.      
Hm, no wonder so many people leave teaching just as quickly as they entered it.  
Blogging always gets a back seat, ummm, as does anything else I genuinely enjoy doing.  Rob & I moved into a super cute 2 bed, 2 bath condo a month ago, so setting up this new home has also been running my life for little while now.  There’s always so much going on!  
I need to start getting back into a real schedule, the move kinda threw me off, but I need to get back on track and straighten up.  
I will always be a pineapple. 😉
So, I said all of that to say…Rob & I hosting our Halloween Housewarming Party this weekend came at a much needed time.  A night with true friends, good food, and plenty of libations (caramel jello-o shots, incredible), is a recipe for an amazing night.
No matter how stressed, over worked, totally underpaid, and just generally over it I am…I am so crazy grateful to have friends that I love & appreciate so much.  We had a great time last night, & I was so happy to finally just enjoy and live in the moment for once! 

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