5 Ways to Brighten Up & Streamline Your Morning

Going back to work after a long weekend, or any weekend, is always rough.  Sometimes even getting up to go to work on a Thursday is difficult!  I find as the weather gets more cold I get more unmotivated to wake up as soon as my alarm goes off to get my day started.  5 more minutes, please?!?!
However, over the years I’ve learned to…

Make your morning a personalized experience not a robot routine, you’ll be more productive, and overall a happier person.  

& here are 5 easy ways you can accomplish that… 

Wake up, the first time your alarm goes off, & drink a large glass of lemon water.
This is a great way to jumpstart yourself for the day ahead.  Lemon wakes up your immune system and the vitamin C within lemons helps to manage stress.  Did you know that?!  I feel like many people know how lemons detoxify, helps to flush our our systems, fights blemishes, and debloats, so why wouldn’t we wake up and drink a glass of this every morning??  It takes about 30 seconds to prep, and then drink it while you continue to get ready.  Too easy.
You can literally do this in the bathroom while brushing your teeth.  Or while doing your skincare & makeup routine…it’s that easy.  Wake up your nervous system, stretch your legs, do a few forward folds to wake up your spine.  Get your body moving in a gentle way & set your posture up for success. 
Anything you can pre-prep, do it.
Nobody wants to have to do little chores in the AM before heading off to work.  I always have an idea of what I want to wear the night before, and any lunch/ breakfast items I want are ready to go in their containers.  Sunday, or on this Columbus Day weekend Monday, I’ll have my coffee pot set to the timer, so I don’t need to worry about taking time to prep that.  I also make sure my bag is packed and ready to go, so I can just grab it and leave.
Do something you love, that doesn’t take up much time.
For me this is catching up on my favorite YouTubers while I do my makeup each morning.  The videos are never long so I don’t need to worry about running out of time, and it gives me a chance to do something I really enjoy, while I’m getting ready for the morning.  You can also read a chapter of a book while you eat breakfast, or listen to an audiobook while getting ready.  Easy little things that will make you relaxed, but don’t take up too much time.

Eat breakfast at home, not during your commute.
I used to grab my breakfast and eat it in the car on the way to work…or not eat it at all.  Not smart, and always made me feel discombobulated.  All of my breakfast choices are quick and simple…Greek yogurt with berries, a waffle, a piece of toast, Cheerios.  I can sit for 5- 10 minutes, watch the start of Good Morning America, and then I can leave with my coffee.  Eating breakfast helps with concentration, which as a teacher I obviously need all of the time.  There’s no point in not eating at 7am only to be dying of hunger and restless at 10am. 
These 5 little morning hacks seem so easy, yet most people don’t do them.  Buy some lemons, have your lunch prepped, do a forward fold, watch a YouTube beauty guru, and enjoy a bowl of Cheerios all before you leave for work in the AM.  It’s not that difficult, and it’s definitely worth it, trust me.

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