Recipe Wednesday: Veggie Orzo Summer Salad

This veggie orzo salad is perfect to whip up on a lazy & hot Sunday afternoon, it’ll be perfectly chilled for dinner time & perfect for leftovers all week!
If it even makes it past 2 days, it’s so good!
I originally saw this recipe over on Two Peas & Their Pod, a recipe blog I love.  I loved the idea, was bored, had all the ingredients, and was ready to go.  Being that I love love love flavor and all types of fun additions, I made my own version of this salad and it was outstanding!
-1 cup orzo 
-1 can of chikpeas
-Assortment of summer squash
-Onion [Two Peas & Their Pod say red onion, I used the pre-chopped white onion and shallot mix from Trader Joes]
-Feta cheese
-Lemon juice
-Olive oil 
-Balsamic vinegar 
-Crushed garlic
-Crushed red pepper
-Sea salt/ pepper 
– Cook the orzo as directed on the box
-Cut up the cucumbers, summer squash, and onion 
-Drain the chikpeas 
-Place all the above in a big bowl and set in the fridge while you make the dressing!
 Okay so once again, just a disclaimer, I don’t measure anything ever.  However, with this salad, you need a lot of dressing to coat it all, just an FYI. 
Mix olive oil and balsamic vinegar for the base of the dressing.  Experiment with the amount of balsamic vinegar you’d like by adding it little by little.
Next, add the key four ingredients to make this salad taste like woah.
-Crushed garlic
-Red pepper flakes
Again, add them little by little to see how you like the taste & continue to build up the flavor to your liking.  Add salt/ pepper, however much you like…I tend to OD on fresh ground pepper.
Next, mix the dressing in with the orzo/ veggie mixture you placed in the fridge.  Add in a ton of feta after you initially coat the orzo/veggies.  Lastly, drizzle with lemon juice for an extra pop.  
As I said, this salad is ideal for a hot summer day.  The leftovers will be good for days, so make a big batch just to have around!

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