Recipe Wednesday: At Home Cold Brew with Toddy

Let’s chat about coffee for a moment…

Coffee is my AM lifeline each and every morning, it’s an integral part of my morning routine.  Coffee perks me up, coffee keeps me going, coffee is delicious, and coffee makes me smile.  As a teacher coffee will give you a little boost at any point in the day.  It’s always there for you, doing its best to help keep your eyes open when you just want to snooze. 


Coffee is also, sometimes, kinda expensive, if you’re like me and love cold brew or even more expensive, yet extremely delicious, nitro cold brew.  In an effort to save money for more important things in life, like brunch and my Roth IRA, I decided to start making my cold brew at home!

I researched some at home cold brew kits, and I came across the highly rated Toddy Coffee Maker.  The price was perfect, and with an added coupon & Ebates I couldn’t resist purchasing it and giving it a try.  I’m well aware you can make cold brew without something like this, but the Toddy makes the process so easy and clean up a breeze, so it’s well worth the money for me.

The Toddy comes with a glass carafe, brewing container, 2 filters, and a small rubber stopper for the brewing container.  For my first go at this I tried a bag of Vanilla Creme Brulee coffee I purchased while in Hawaii.  Following the Toddy directions are super simple, you basically just layer water and coffee in the amounts they tell you too.  

One super important tip…use filtered water!! It truly does help with the taste!!

The filter at the bottom of the Toddy will help to reduce the acidity and bitterness that can easily happen when making your own cold brew at home, and allows for a rich and tasty coffee concentrate.

I left my Toddy out at room temperature to brew for about 20 hours, then I moved the brewing container on top of the carafe, released the small stopper, and voilà I had an incredible batch of strong cold brew!

When I made my first cup of cold brew I only added in some almond milk and ice and it was a little bit too strong, so I just added some more filtered water..if you’ve ever noticed they always use a bit of water at Starbucks for their cold brew.  After adding just a bit of additional water it tasted absolutely delicious.  

The cold brew concentrate lasts 2 weeks, although with two people drinking it each morning, mine lasted about one week.  It does use lot of coffee, one batch is almost a full bag, so I stocked up on Target Cartwheel coupons for Dunkin Donuts coffee.  If you don’t know what the Cartwheel app is def check it out & start saving $$!  A venti cold brew, what I typically order from Starbucks, is about $3, so I don’t mind spending $6 on a bag of coffee for a weeks worth of cold brew, versus ordering a Starbucks 3x a week!

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