Spa Sunday Essentials

Every Sunday I enjoy celebrating Spa Sunday at home, which consists of a long bubble bath, hair & face mask, a cup of green tea, and a good book or magazine.

This is my favorite routine, it preps me for the week, is incredibly relaxing, and gives me a chance to use some new products, or celebrate my favorites.  Me time is what keeps me grounded, and creating a little oasis in my bathroom has been fun.

So, what do I need for a divine Spa Sunday?  Let’s get started…

Step 1: Light the perfect candle, close the bathroom door, and wait 30 minutes for the scent to fill up your bathroom.

I love Voluspa candles, but, when compared to Bath & Body Works, they can seem a little pricey.  I only purchase them during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, & they’re sold in packs of 3 which is great.  Right now the smaller candles, in the 3-pack, are $15, a great deal since each candle burns 25 hours.   All of the Voluspa scents are incredible, I can’t even pick a favorite scent because every single one I’ve burned is so fresh, light, and luxurious.

Step 2: Brew a cup of hot tea in your favorite mug & add a lemon wedge.
I personally love the Trader Joe’s Jasmine Green Tea.

Step 3: Pick out great bath salts and/ or a Lush Bath Bomb.
Bath salts are excellent at detoxifying your body, prepping you for relaxation and peace.  Lush Bath Bombs add a layer of whimsical fun to your Spa Sunday experience.  My two favorite bath salta are any by Dr. Teal’s, which are perfectly priced & for a bit more luxury feel I opt for Ahava salts.  Both brands are great, but I have to admit I use Dr. Teal’s more because it’s a much more affordable product.

Lush Bath Bombs are everything, I have a bunch of them in a clear glass jar on my bathroom vanity.  In order to save some $$ I like to cut them in half so I don’t use them all at once- it’s super easy to do!

Lush Bath Bombs

1. Sex Bomb | $6.75
2. Pink | $4.95
3. Twilight | $6.55
4. Intergalactic | $.705
5. Ickle Baby Bot | $3.95

Step 4: Apply your favorite face mask
Face masks are my thing, I try to apply them multiple times a week, always on Spa Sunday and I aim for a mid-week Wednesday maks as well.  I have a huge variety of masks, all targeting different skincare concerns such as breakouts, texture, and dryness.  Scroll through for some of my favorites!

Step 5: Grab a current read or your favorite magazine, and prepare for ultimate relaxation
I subscribe to a bunch of magazines, but I feel like I never have time to read them!  I always use my Spa Sunday time to catch up on my favorite mags, and I always try to read a chapter or two of whatever book I’m currently reading.

Do you have a Spa Sunday routine?  I’d love to know how you set up your personal spa experience!

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