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Okay so, here is a HUGE secret…teachers don’t really make a lot of money.  Are you completely shocked and surprised?!  It’s true, the profession of teaching children is not paired with a salary that exactly matches the job.  So, in an effort to save money but still have, and do, anything I want (in moderation of course) I’m really big on coupons and deals.  I’ve been a Groupon customer for years, living in D.C. I’ve had the opportunity to experience new restaurants and city events with Groupon, and the deals have always been awesome.  When I found out about Groupon Coupons I just about lost my mind in excitement & here’s why…

Not only does Groupon Coupons compile current promos and coupon codes for some of my favorite stores such as World Market, Kohl’s, Nordstrom, and Target, but they also have their own exclusive coupon codes that you can use while shopping online at these big name stores.  Case in point, Forever 21 had an exclusive $10 off code just for Groupon Coupons users on Mother’s Day!
Browsing the coupons by store is the easiest way for me to see what Groupon Coupons is offering at a particular moment.  Just click on a store and all of the promotions and/or promo codes for that store are listed with a clear description of what the promo is.  

You also have the option to view shopping categories, instead of viewing the Groupon Coupons by store, to see what deals they’re currently offering.
I’m very impressed with the assortment of options that Groupon Coupons lays out, and it’s so user friendly to navigate, which I appreciate!  As an avid Groupon-er I highly suggest checking out Groupon Coupons, you might just find the perfect promo code for something you’re looking for!!  Make sure you follow Groupon on both Twitter and Facebook too, you never know when they might have additional special offers!

[Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are my own.]
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