D.C. Happenings: BroadBand Light Therapy at NOVA Plastic Surgery

Last month I wrote a review on the fantastic Hydrafacial I received at NOVA Plastic Surgery’s Ashburn location.  My Hydrafacial review was the first in a three part series of treatments provided by NOVA Plastic Surgery, and I am so exited to bring you the second one today…BroadBand Light Therapy.
I had never heard of BroadBand Light Therapy, or BBL, before having it offered to me by NOVA Plastic Surgery.  I read up on it a little, but I was looking forward to having it explained to me by the physician assistant performing the treatment.  As soon as I walked in Wednesday afternoon I was warmly greeted and excitedly awaited to be called back to begin.
Michele Gittings, a nationally board certified PA welcomed me back and began explaining exactly what BBL was all about.  BBL can help remedy a variety of skin issues, but my personal two concerns are hyper pigmentation caused by sun damage and redness from my rosacea.  The name BroadBand Light Therapy can be a bit on the deceiving side, since the treatment feels like a laser.  However, it’s not a laser, it’s an intense pulsed light provided by a little machine called SCITON BBL, pictured below.
So, what happens with this intense pulsed light?  First, Michele supplied me with goggles to protect my eyes & applied what felt like a good amount of ultrasound jelly all over my face.  Next, she went over my entire face twice zapping away everything that leads to uneven skin tone.

The first round she used a brown filter to target hyperpigmentation and the second time she went over my face with a red filter to target redness.  The various filters allow the light to find what it needs to tackle, and the pain was minimal.  Essentially, it felt like little tiny zaps that burned ever so slightly.  I was given a nice little cooling air tube that I could position toward my face for relief.  After about 15- 20 minutes I was done, no pain, just redness that went away by the next morning!
Inside the treatment room.
I wish I could say just one BBL treatment is enough, but of course, you need to go through with the treatment a few times to achieve maximum results, and this is a pricey one…although totally worth it!  Each treatment costs $400 individually, but NOVA Plastic Surgery offers a package of three for $950, which, when you do the math, is actually an awesome deal.  After seeing a few pictures of patient results, this treatment really is incredible if you can afford the upkeep.  Also, not only is the $950 price tag not bad considering the service being provided, but when you prepay you get an extra 10% off, which would bring your total down to $855.

I would certainly go ahead with the BBL Treatment again, although I do feel like the treatment is targeted toward women slightly older than me.  However, in all honesty, if I start broadband light therapy with my skin now, I know I’ll have less maintenance issues as I grow older…which is exactly what I’m going for!!

[Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are my own.]

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