My Favorite Beauty YouTube Gurus

I wish I had the time, editing knowledge, and speaking skills necessary to branch into YouTube videos.  I could certainly work on the knowledge and speaking skills part of the equation, but as far as time goes, as long as I’m teaching I’m not sure YouTube is really a viable option.
Over the years I’ve added quite a few beauty vloggers to my YouTube subscription list.  It’s been awesome to watch them grow their mini empires over the years, and I love how these women still maintain great personal relationships with their subscribers.  All the YouTubers I follow give something different to the notion of beauty vlogging, and as a young professional woman myself I think it is awesome to see how they have evolved over the years into the powerful people they are today- especially since it’s been through doing something they truly love.

I first discovered Casey Holmes, and loved how easily I could relate to her on every level.  I love her haul videos, and I’ve purchased many products she’s suggested.  Just like her I have rosacea, so I’m always interested in her skincare and foundation routines to manage and treat it.  Despite her rising fame she has stayed so down to earth, and I love following along with her tutorials, hauls, and girl talk videos.
Next up is Jaclyn Hill, who truly has taken over YouTube and is now taking over Becca Cosmetics as well with her Champagne Pop Highlighter.  Jaclyn has an awesome life story, and I love watching her Snapchats, she truly takes her fan into her life.  I love her home, her decor is seriously the cutest, and her constant puppy Snapchats are too relatable for me.  But seriously, her ability to maintain a normal lifestyle, given her rise in fame, is something I really admire.

My next favorite YouTube beauty guru is Jen, of From Head to Toe.  Her favorites videos make my month, and I love her sweet and relaxed demeanor.  I’m also a huge fan of her choice in products, so I’ve purchased a lot of palettes and other skincare products she’s mentioned.  Right now Jen is chronicling her pregnancy journey for her viewers, and it’s been great to see her so happy and still hard at work! 
Lastly, I’m too obsessed with Liz Heart, of Miss Liz Heart.  She’s a relatively new YoutTube face compared to the other three women on my list, but she’s made huge strides in subscribers, and puts out great tutorials, hauls, and lifestyle videos.  I love that I can expect a lifestyle video every Sunday, she incorporates home decor, organization, and cooking elements, all of which I love!  I feel the most connected to Liz (maybe it’s a name thing) since I’ve been following her since the beginning and have seen her create and grow her brand!  I’m looking forward to her continued success, she’s an awesome woman. 
I’m always looking to add new YouTube gurus to my lineup, if you know of any other great people, let me know! 
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