D.C. Happenings: My HydraFacial Experience at NOVA Plastic Surgery

Okay so let me start by saying this unique experience isn’t exactly a “DC” Happening…it’s an Ashburn, Virginia happening…but, I digress.  NOVA Plastic Surgery, located about 40-45 minutes outside of D.C., invited me in to try the new HydraFacial MD experience.  An innovative facial designed to give quick results.  NOVA just received this technology a couple of months ago, not many other medical spas have it, and it’s already quite popular.
I’d never heard of the HydraFacial MD before, but the Physician Assistant who performed my facial, Sherri Anderson, told me Matthew McConaughey has one of the machines in his home so…it must be good!
If you’re interested in enhancing your skin health, or if you struggle with oily skin, fine lines, enlarged pores, texture issues, or hyper pigmentation, just to name a few, the HydraFacial MD might be the perfect choice for you.

When I walked into NOVA Plastic Surgery one afternoon after a long day of lesson planning I was warmly greeted by Jenn, who had been so helpful with scheduling, and rescheduling, my appointment- NOVA Plastic Surgery’s customer service was great from the start.  Sherri greeted me and brought me back into the treatment room, and began explaining how the HydraFacial works.  I quickly removed my makeup from the day using a gently cleanser before settling down into the chair, ready to get the 20 minute treatment started. 
The HydraFacial MD is a four step treatment & each step is performed using the Vortex-Fusion device, which can best be described as a small vacuum for your face.  Literally, it felt like a vacuum going back and forth all over my face, but in a great way.  
First, skin is cleansed using Active-4 Serum and then exfoliated with a glycolic acid peel.  After looking at my skin Sherri determined I could handle the 15% glycolic acid.  There’s also a 7.5% and 30% option that could be chosen, depending on how sensitive your skin is.  I have rosacea, and even though it isn’t that bad, the 15% option is what she determined would work best for me.
After the peel step the Vortex-Fusion, as seen above, extracts with the help of salicylic acids breaking down all the yuck in your face.  & if you’re wondering how I know all of this stuff, it’s because Sherri did an excellent job at explaining each step of the procedure as she performed it.  Lastly, your refreshed skin needs to be properly hydrated with the Antiox serum and then adequately sunscreened before heading out the door.

The HydraFacial MD treatment took about 20 minutes and while I did leave NOVA pretty red, it didn’t last more than an hour or so.  Sherri told me people come in on their lunch break for the facial, and while it’s not ideal, if you must you can apply makeup right after if needed- which is good to know for the future.  Honestly, every aspect of the HydraFacial MD is better than either a typical peel I’ve had done or a standard facial.  Yes, it’s quick and not as spa-like, but ultimately my end goal is fantastic skin, which is what the HydraFacial delivers.
For more information on NOVA Plastic Surgery and the HydraFacial MD visit their website here & enter your email address for a chance to win a free HydraFacial MD!  Be sure to head over to their Facebook and Twitter too!
[Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are my own.]

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