Happy Friday!

If you’re on the East Coast, like me, good luck with the blizzard this weekend!
via NBC News 2010
I was so happy to hear that DCPS canceled school for today…yesterday.  They very rarely cancel so far (one day) in advance…but this city is seriously shutting down.  I know that I’ll be snuggled in my apartment all weekend, starting right now, with the fire place going.
I went to Target yesterday and did some serious snack/ wine shopping to prepare for the storm…and could you believe the chip aisle was like…empty.  Basically all of my favorites were gone, UGH, but luckily somehow I was able to scrape up some yummy things. 
Both at Target and in the grocery store basically all of the meat was gone, UGH, but I was able to grab the very last bone-in short rib to slow cook on Saturday, I cannot wait for that.  Anyway, I’m excited to get all of my report cards done this weekend, as well as some new content for the blog.  I have a ton of new candles to burn, and bath bombs to use, so clearly I’m more than ready for a snowy relaxing weekend.
Stay warm everybody! 

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