Thursday’s Fab Five

From now on I’ll be writing Thursday’s Fab Five every other week…consistently.  I promise! 
Thursday's Fab Five

Here’s what I’ve been loving recently, find out more information after the jump!

A more thorough review coming for this product soon, but for now just know, it’s amazing.  I’ve been trying to get into sleeping facials more, and I received a sample of this, most likely from Birchbox, and used it immediately.  I woke up with soft skin, and during the winter, that’s a dream.
As I sip from this mug right now I realize how much I love it.  Monogram mugs are great personal additions to your kitchen, and Anthropologie has a super cute selection.
This has become my quick mid-workday snack and it’s sooooooo good!  I always go back and forth with how I feel about these types of bars, but this mix of peanut butter and dark chocolate really got me.  You can find these at Target!
NARS Steven Klein Collection ‘One Shocking Moment’ Blush Palette 
Words cannot describe my obsession with this palette.  I’ve been using all of the blushes, switching it up every day.  Unfortunately, it is no longer available unless you search on sites like eBay…where it’s going for way more than it’s original $60 price tag.
I love my Dove Cool Essentials deodorant, I’ve been using it since it launched.  When I saw the dry spay I wanted to give it a try, and I love it!  I don’t use this everyday, it kind of depends on my outfit, but it keeps me feeling fresh and smelling great.  If you’re looking for something new, give this a try!
What have you been loving in this new year?! 
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